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what's in store for the really serious musicians

Technology has already made it possible for composers, bands and musicians to conveniently explore or create great songs and great music in their own homes. Time was when recording and mixing of audio would necessitate access to a recording studio of a recording company. It can also be recalled back then that musical equipment for recording and mixing of sounds can take up a lot of space and were too expensive and impractical for the average musicians to have. Today, as technology got better and sleeker, musicians can already have their own recording studios in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. With a portable recording equipment, for example, one can already do a lot of things to create high quality music and sound in the bedroom, living room or any part of the house. It should be space-friendly, too. For those who are really serious about their music craft, this is not too huge an expense for them. Practically, this is an equipment for them to have as this may help furt

let's give an A for her effort

Since English is not really our first language, we would already consider it a milestone for our preschooler daughter when she tries to converse to us in English. Every time she would hear or learn a new English word, phrase or sentence in school, she wouldn't miss sharing it to us when she gets home. I recalled there was one time when she explained what "empty" meant when she finished her milk and then showed us an "empty" glass. I can't remember exactly when it was that she first understood what empty meant, though. However, I found it kind of funny somehow when my husband shared to me her conversation with our daughter some time the other week. This was what happened. Our little girl told him that she peeped through the door in her classroom to see if her father was outside waiting for her when she's done with her class. She then asked him, " Papa, why were you empty? " and then concluded that perhaps he just went out for a while to buy lun

hey it's been awhile

I am not even sure if I'm prepared to do a blog today but it sure feels awful not being able to see anything new on my page. Thus, I really feel like sitting down for awhile and see if I can make even just a single update. It was a fun December last year for me. I can't remember exactly how many parties I joined and went to but I had remembered what it felt to celebrate with friends and family. At a company Christmas party where there was a raffle draw, I won and brought home an induction cooker. I've never been lucky with raffle draws. Almost always, my name would never get picked that I never expected to win anything anymore. Anyway, I'm glad I won that appliance. It's good to have one so that we can have something  we can conveniently use when our gas stove runs out of LPG.