when music needs to be shared

To say that my dad loves listening to music is an understatement. I fully remember he doesn't just want to enjoy and listen to music alone; he wants us (members of the family) and the neighborhood (sometimes) to listen to it as well. Good thing, he's not playing those ear-breaking types as he loves to listen to old and classic songs. More than anything else on his playlist, I kind of dig his love for Beatles. This is why I wasn't the least worried when he got himself a new amplifier some years ago because I believe his choice of music is still cool. I have yet to find out from him though if his amplifier still works fine as I learned some of his appliances and gadgets got wet when water got inside the house at the height of the strong typhoon. Anyway, as soon as I find out his need to get a new one, I will let my brothers know as this fall under their budget department. LOL. :-)


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