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when music needs to be shared

To say that my dad loves listening to music is an understatement. I fully remember he doesn't just want to enjoy and listen to music alone; he wants us (members of the family) and the neighborhood (sometimes) to listen to it as well. Good thing, he's not playing those ear-breaking types as he loves to listen to old and classic songs. More than anything else on his playlist, I kind of dig his love for Beatles. This is why I wasn't the least worried when he got himself a new amplifier some years ago because I believe his choice of music is still cool. I have yet to find out from him though if his amplifier still works fine as I learned some of his appliances and gadgets got wet when water got inside the house at the height of the strong typhoon. Anyway, as soon as I find out his need to get a new one, I will let my brothers know as this fall under their budget department. LOL. :-)

the resilient malunggay

Quite pleased to see our malunggay tree still standing up after strong winds tried to break it or pin it down. Resilience is such a big word these days after that great typhoon Yolanda. That's how people in other countries would describe us Filipinos. Perhaps that's what they really see in us, or maybe that's also their way of trying to motivate those who almost have nothing left with them to move forward. Just like that resilient malunggay, we can get up again after we've been battered by a lot of storms in life. As long as our Maker still wants us to be here, we know there are still a lot of things we have to go through. However good or bad anyone's situation is, let us not forget that everything happens for a reason. There definitely is a purpose for everything.

addressing a problem with utility bill

The other day, a friend shared with me her problem with their electricity bill lately. It appears that they're paying thrice the amount that we are paying on a monthly basis, although their provider is from a different electric company. Moreover, we cannot really compare the amount they are paying for electricity over ours because we also do not have the same monthly consumption. She said they're paying such an exorbitant amount considering that there are only four of them living in the house (the hired help included). However, when she mentioned that they are using motorized water pump for their water needs, I told her maybe that's the reason why their electric consumption is so high. I suggested that since they've been using their pumps for many years, they might want to have it checked for problems. She also acknowledged they've been having technical problems with it lately. A lot of times they would need to call a repairman to fix it and get it to

relief mission in a special town

When I learned that the company I work for chose to organize relief mission in Medellin, Cebu, I felt very happy. It's not that other towns/provinces affected by Typhoon Yolanda are less worthy of receiving help because I knew a lot of areas really need all the help they can get. However, this town is quite special to me because that's the town where my dad is. As far as their specific area is concerned, dad told me that they're okay - only that houses needed repair and their electrical wiring needed to be cleared so that they can have electricity back. It was also good to know that their company offered to release half of their 13th month pay but only if they wish to. I would have wanted to go with the troop when they went there on a Saturday but I have a work deadline to meet that day, so it seemed imperative to stay behind and just go with them in spirit. :-) Although I already knew they're not going to be at the barangay where my dad belongs, I am still very h

never too late to learn

We (husband and I) are getting more great tips from a common friend who knows how to play the guitar. He's been helping us with choosing the right guitar for beginners like us. We thought all guitars are the same except for the kind of wood being used to make them which also makes their prices vary a lot. However, there's more to it than that. In fact, even the size of the guitar neck can make all the difference. Indeed, when it comes to guitars, there is still a lot to learn from musicians like him. Hopefully, my husband will learn to play the guitar from him; and then later on, I will get to learn from my husband. It should be nice to have some common hobby to do together, isn't it?

October in retrospect

October wouldn't be complete without celebrating our wedding anniversary and husband's birthday. I am happy and proud to say that, in our own pretty simple but special way, we've happily celebrated both occasions each year together. I know there's still a long way for us to go. Although I also know that there are still more trials to overcome and more storms to weather, I am confident that we can face them together without fear. After all, everything brings about a learning experience for us. Soon, there will be a lot of stories to tell to our growing daughter. Despite the high-magnitude earthquake in the middle of the month, October for me is still not as bad as I thought. Somehow, it's an opportunity to help other people in need and it's also a chance to contemplate on the things that are yet to come.