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Tips to save on printer ink

There's nothing worse than running out of printer ink just before you need to print an important document for school or work. What's more, ink cartridges are costly to replace – especially if you're in a hurry to buy them from the nearest store. So here are some tips for making your printer cartridges last longer and your printing more economical . Use economy mode Most printer settings will offer you 'economy', 'draft' or 'fast' printing. The quality is slightly lighter and less precise, but it's fine for when you don’t need a perfect presentation copy. It saves on ink, and it's faster too. Stick to black and white Even when you’re printing black text, your colour printer mixes in other inks to make the shade. Turn this setting off by choosing 'black' in your printer properties, so you're not needlessly using up colour inks. Consider whether you need a colour printer at all – if what you print is mostly text documents, yo

feeling bad for the plight of Bohol and inhabitants

It's so sad to watch Bohol getting destructed because of the October 15 earthquake. You see, husband and I have long been planning for a Bohol escapade with our little girl. I know it's not too far away from Cebu but we can't just visit this place out of the blue without saving up money. No matter how long or short the planned trip or vacation, it should be wise to do that when your budget for other family expenses will not be affected. We thought we should be ready for a vacation some time this year - perhaps in time for our sixth year wedding anniversary, husband's birthday or my birthday. It's just so sad that this is not going to happen this year. Taken from my sister-in-law's album, here's a picture of the Chocolate Hills in Bohol that I have been looking forward to see with my own naked eyes: I also thought it would be nice to dine and sail (and appreciate nature) in a Floating Restaurant and getting serenaded by their own native and talented si

that Christmas and winter feel

Every time we would pass by a neighbor's house, I can't help but admire how he has put together his Christmas tree, ornaments and decors. He is simply one such talented and artistic neighbor. Quite inspiring, I should say. Thanks to him, even though we are still not feeling the ultimate chilly breeze of Christmas yet, just the sight of those Christmas decors, the glitters and all, already sends a Christmas-y , winter chill to my spirit. Did I mention winter? Yeah, I must admit that sometimes I would look forward to just one day of winter and I want it just for the experience. :-) Right now, a friend of mine who is based in the U.S. told me that she is now getting busy looking for new snowboard storage racks for easy keeping and organization. These are the least of my worries here but I do wonder what it would be like to shop for these items. When she asked for my opinion on what to buy (like I am one expert, huh!), I told her I'd go for the wall-mounted type of storage rac

catch me i'm falling again

Suddenly, I thought of updating this blog. I've been slacking again, obviously. It's like I've been hit by a lazy bug or lightning. Good thing, this episode is almost over now because I am again starting to pound the keyboard. But to be honest, even now that I am back, I still do not know yet what to write. I'm almost getting used to this silence. Anyway, the blogosphere can get by without me, right? However, like I said before, blogging is like a form of therapy for me. But I am not sick, let me remind you. :-) This is where I get to unload my thoughts and emotions when I don 't want to share them to anyone in the most personal way. Okay, so at least I finally tried to write and have even finished writing a paragraph. Now I am starting a new one and I don't know how I am even going to end it.  What is going on with me again? Haha.. Now I am glancing to my right and I am seeing two of my loved ones already in bed - the other one is snoring. Yeah, I just hear