on loving and hating the rainy days

I have a love-hate relationship with the rainy days.  I do love the rainy days because this is one of those times when I can enjoy a sip of hot coffee at home. It's also a perfect time to be lazy - to just curl up in bed and get relaxed. Moreover, I am a nicer person when it's raining. I'm always in a good mood because I am able to relax, eat and sleep well. When it's raining, husband and I can save some water for watering the plants. The rain also takes care of this chore for us. :-)

But don't you just hate it when it's raining and you're still on your way to work?  Well, except when you have a car that doesn't get stuck in the flood, going to work when it's raining is really no fun at all, right? It can also be quite a challenge to not get your clothes and your shoes wet. Let's not even talk about the challenge of coming to the workplace on time. Sometimes, it's just too tempting for me to call in sick so I don't have to brave the heavy rain and traffic when coming to the workplace. Yet, I also don't like it when it's raining hard when I am at home because power outage in our area will usually follow. It sucks to be at home with no electricity because we're relying on it for our water utility.

Yes, the rainy days can be such a good thing, although it can be annoying, too. In life, I don't let the annoyance of the rainy days get me. I'll just look forward to the rainbow that follows it.


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