how would you like your bills sent?

We nearly lost our internet connection today because we were still catching up with paying our bill. This started when I relied on the prompt delivery of our first bill. I know this was partly my fault because I didn't care to get in touch with our provider to inquire about the bill. By the time I finally decided to follow-up on it, we were already due for 2 months. Naturally, we can't pay the entire amount at one time considering that we have a budget to follow. Good thing, I also have a credit limit that's worth a month. Actually, the bill never made it to our doorstep and this left me with no choice but to immediately enroll my account to paperless billing so I will know the due date. While it's good that they are capable of sending the bill electronically, I also feel like it is also important that clients are given the freedom to really choose if they want to go paperless with their bills or not. Nonetheless, it's really not too expensive to send hard copies of the bills. In fact, it is already easy for any company or organization to find cheap envelope printing nowadays. Suppliers practically give huge discounts when clients are buying wholesale or in large quantities.

Even though most clients have already elected to receive their bills electronically, it is still a good idea for businesses and companies to send printed bills once in a while so they can include flyers and other forms of marketing related to the  product or service they are offering. The physical bill that we usually put on the refrigerator wall should serve as a visual reminder of what we need to pay at a certain date.


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