Friday, May 31, 2013

a late post about my mom's birthday

the happiest moment with mom
I thought I need to write one last post for the last day of May in honor of my late mom. This day happens to be her birthday until we learned later from one piece of legal document she had that her birthday actually fell on the 30th. I was already in high school when she declared that her real birthday is on the 30th and not the 31st. I was told my late grandfather and grandmother used to argue about these dates, too. I am not exactly sure about this confusion on her birthday. It wasn't really a big deal for her, though, since she can celebrate it on the 30th or on the next day.

Losing my mom was perhaps the most painful experience I've encountered so far in my life. I thought I still had a lot of time to be with her. I thought there's still time for her to be able to hold and cuddle her very first granddaughter. Unfortunately, God took her away from me just barely two months after my wedding. Oh, you can just imagine the extreme shift of emotions I had from the time of our wedding and the time when we lost her. Anyhow, time has it's own way of letting us cope with the pain of losing someone you really love. As the years went by, I have learned to embrace the fact that she's happier somewhere up there and that I should be happy as well because she didn't suffer long enough from her sickness. And although she's not physically here now, I can still connect to her when I think of her and the mother-daughter moments we had when she was alive. I miss all those moments with mommy because I can tell her almost anything. As for other things, she would look them up on my diary. :-) Oh mom, you can sneak up on every bit of my life now without having to read parts of my blog or my diary.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tips on How to Effectively Apply Eye Shadow

In addition to brand, skill level is the other factor that will determine an impeccable makeup. Eye make-up is preferred by a majority of women primarily because it allows them to express their personalities with relative ease. Unfortunately, mistakes made while applying eye make-up, especially eye shadows can make you appear silly. The different shades ought to be arranged properly in order to bring out the flawless appearance of your eyes.
Still, it is important to point out that faultless eye make-up mainly hinges on the brand of cosmetic you are using. Listed below are the four different types of eye shadows available in the market:
  • Dry eye shadow.
  • Shadow-mousse.
  • Liquid eye shadow.
  • Shadow pencil eye shadow.
Dry eye shadow is the simplest to apply and as such it is crucial that you acquire the skills of dry eye shadow application before moving to other application methods. Prior to buying make-up kits, it is important to utilize testers. Testers enable you to choose the appropriate shades based on the complexion of your skin. Then again, testers will enable you to determine the quality of the eye shadow you are purchasing.

Before applying eye shadow, it is crucial that you prepare your eyes by making use of tonal ointments or paint pen. By doing so, you will be able to effortlessly conceal pigment spots as wells as the circles round your eyes. The tonal cream can be applied by making use of your fingertips so that you can evenly spread the cream round the corners of your eyes. If you would like your eye shadow to last for prolonged periods of time, then it is highly recommended that you utilize a base application.

If you desire a style make-up, then you will need to add eyeliner. Eyeliners can be used as substitutes for dark shadows. When applying eyeliner, you need to try as much as possible to achieve a continuous and flawless line close to the eye lashes. The application should be done from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyes. You can also enhance the shade by making use of your fingertips or cotton swabs.

A beautiful and striking eye make-up ought to comprise of different shades. There are different ways through which you can achieve this, for example, you can choose to go with the classic color scheme which basically comprises of three different colors. Then again, when applying the different shades, you should try and use light colors at the base of the eye and dark shades at the upper part of the eye.

The technical aspect of eye shadow application is the other factor that you need to take into consideration when learning how to apply eye shadows. Even distribution of the different shades is required in order to avoid the formation of spots. This can be done by making use of a makeup brush. When holding the makeup brush, the flat part should be held close to the edge. Moreover, brush movements ought to be smooth. You can also achieve an intense color by blending different shades.

Once you are through with the application, remember to screen the shadow. This can be achieved by making use of a light and soft brush.

When selecting a color scheme to apply, it is also crucial to take into consideration the colors of your eyes as well as the hues of the clothes you are wearing. If you have sagging eyelids, you can add emphasis by making use of pearlescent shadows. Then again, you can achieve the same effects by making use of Matt shadows. Don't forget to choose a safe cosmetics, it's not so easy as it may looks like on first sight, so read guidelines before shopping

You can also choose to adjust or add emphasis to the natural colors of your eyes by making use of techniques known as shading and lighting. On the other hand, if you would like to add clarifications, use simple colors like pale lilac, white, pastel pink, ivory, light gray and light beige.

Dark colors can be darkened by making use of colors such as apricot, olive green, dark brown, gold, black-purple and green.

When shopping for the right eye shadow color, it is crucial that you take into consideration the complexion of your skin. While most people tend to select eye shadow color hinging on the color of their outfits, it's best to select a color that matches your skin.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

spell discomfort

Before I even had the chance to write a product review about a particular exfoliant I received for free (paid a little for shipping, though) from SampleRoom, I already thought about postponing this itinerary a little further. You see, I have just been to the annual beach party courtesy of the in-laws and had been swimming big time under the sun. As a consequence, this didn't really do my skin any good. I think I'm going to be peeling not because of the exfoliant (I have only used it for 2 days)  but because of sunburn. The procrastinator in me made me forget again to buy the sunblock that should have given my skin the best protection it needs. Fortunately, sister-in-law has shared to us her skin whitening lotion with SPF20. While it did work for some of us in the family, my skin still felt very sore from the heat of the sun even when I had SPF20 lotion on. Anyway, I am glad that husband and daughter didn't seem to have the same complaints as I did about the sun's heat getting through the skin. As for me, the itching and pain due to skin having a sunburn is quite an uncomfortable experience.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

preserving the best times with family

There are many ways to preserve memories of the best times with the family throughout the years. The most common practice is to document them through photographs. Some people are content with looking at digital photos from their desktops or laptops while others prefer to have them printed or framed. Others would also find the time to blog about the photos while a handful of others enjoy having them documented in scrapbooks. However, for those who really want to be able to re-live the special and happy moments with loved ones, taking videos of them should be a great idea. Come family reunion time, they can also do an impressive dvd reproduction of both pictures and videos of those happy and family moments that are worth looking back into. Truly, this would make an excellent memento for the whole family or clan.

beach time with family

We are counting the days. Oh, we're almost ready to take that dip in the beach. This weekend, we're going to Dalaguete to have an enjoyable beach time with husband's family. They (my in-laws) do this every year. Planning for an annual summer beach party with family has already become part of the family tradition. There is always a day planned out for a yearly summer beach outing that members of the family are already expected to keep their schedules vacant to accommodate this activity.

I don't have any idea what Dalaguete is like and I don't  know yet which specific beach resort we would go but I heard that there are a lot of beautiful beaches there. Hopefully,  we would find that out on Saturday when we get to in-laws' place. Hmmm, I had better check if my batteries for the camera can handle all the shots that I am planning to take on that day. I want to make sure I would be able to capture the beauty of the place and the fun moments with family.

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