turned 4 last month

I know I should have blogged about her birthday sooner but I didn't realize we have already moved to the month of April. Anyway, it still feels like we have just celebrated our little girl's fourth birthday. After all, it's only been a couple of weeks ago. Her birthday fell on a workday but it was just so timely that our workload in the office had been quite manageable that we didn't find it really hard to negotiate with our bosses and to arrange for different work schedule that will make ourselves available on her special day.

Anyway,  we didn't really throw her a children's party. After all, everyone else is working. Thus, husband and I decided to just celebrate it the simplest way we could. That day started by going to church to attend the thanksgiving mass we offered on the occasion of her birthday. At home, I just cooked spaghetti and ordered a  birthday cake for her.

 As our birthday present, we bought her a kiddie bike - something she had been asking for the last three months. She was so happy that she didn't forget to thank us for the gift.


  1. ...and I'm glad you all celebrated it quite happily with her. Gosh, she's such a big girl now! She's growing up so fast and so beautifully. Enjoy every single moment with her until the next birthday! ;)


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