having fun being in summer school

Summer is still exciting for my little girl as she gets to experience being in a classroom with ten other kids her age. Thankfully, her first day in summer school went pretty smooth. I chose to go on leave on her first day just to make sure that I will be there when she's not comfortable in this kind of environment. Thankfully, she didn't cry even though she witnessed one boy crying because he wanted his mom beside him. :-) I got even more proud of her after she showed me a star stamped on her wrist for a job well done on her first day.

My feelings as a proud mom didn't change even if I did realize later that most kids got the same star on their wrists. :-)

I know she is supposed to have all fun and play during this period but we think it would be a great help for her that she has a good idea on what it will be like come school opening. Anyhow, it is just for one month. The rest of the coaching and getting her primed up for Kindergarten school will still come from us. So, we are now working on making our work schedule a little less stressful for us and for our kid. Between me and my husband, though, I am the one who gets more excited for her. Or so I thought. After all, I am "The Mom". :-)


  1. i guess it's just normal for moms to be more excited than their kids when the latter attend classes already. hehe... anyway, more stars to come sis! :-)

  2. Super proud of the little lady! I'm sure she's gonna come back home with lots of stars and probably medals too! ;)

    It'll help her adjust to the new classroom setting and she'll learn how to socialize with other children her age. She'll be well prepared when she enters school later on!


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