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time to learn something new this summer

Want to learn something new this summer? I suggest you go for guitar lessons. Learning how to play the guitar is something that can keep your hands full when you have nothing to do on most days of summer. After all, music is also a great way to get out of boredom. Once you know how to strum the guitar, you will never feel lonely even when you are alone. If you're a guy and you play great music, girls will usually swoon over you for your guitar skills. The ladies usually are attracted with men who are in a band or know how to play a musical instrument, the guitar especially. On the other hand, if you are a girl and you play the guitar, men will usually find you cool and interesting. Well, that's just my opinion!

update on summer school

Lately, I am so happy with my little girl's performance in summer school. She comes home from school with stars stamped on her wrists. Thanks to her teacher who shows appreciation for her diligence, she is motivated to learn how to write alphabets one at a time. I might post photos of her work to this blog soon. She started to become interested to write when she saw her classmates doing the same thing. She also likes it that she gets to wear her dresses to school; although it is such a struggle for her to wake up early. Not really the morning type of person. Anyway, waking up early is a form of discipline for her. Hopefully, she'll get used to the routine.

you are valuable

Are your problems way too much to handle? I am asking this because many people try to escape their problems by resorting to taking drugs and then ending up being a burden to their family. Problems cannot be solved by overdosing on pills or taking on drugs. However, if at this point, you are already hooked, can't get out of addiction, and realized you need help, your next best move is to find the best drug rehab centers in your area. It is never too late for any person who wants to make the change. At this point, the support of family is needed. Ideally, families should never give up on each other; although, you can never blame them if they do because of the consequences of your misdeeds. It is time to make that 360-degree change by learning to love yourself and by realizing you need help. Life is a gift from God. Therefore, we need to value and use it to help others. Let's not waste nor ruin it.

message of the day

Saw this image with inspiring message on Facebook. Indeed, the world is filled with so many problems - many of which are the consequences of indecision or wrong decisions. However, it is also true that it is through mistakes that we can all  learn from, become better persons and succeed in life. Still, I don't believe that the success we are getting in life can be solely attributed through our own efforts. Ultimately, we owe our success to God so that we may use it according to His will. Sometimes, too, failure and setbacks are God's manifestation of His existence - that we may never  forget that there is a God who can lift us up and help us through life's difficulties. Without  Him in our lives, success is meaningless and ultimate happiness, personal fulfillment and peace can never be achieved.

ease in business and advertising

Because competition in the business is ever increasing, most companies (big and small), need to use all forms of advertising. They need advertising to help build, grow, maintain or increase their reputation in the industry. Advertising can either hire employees or get them more prospect clients. One form of advertising that I find effective is the use of posters and banners -- be they posted online or offline. Any company can have a regular- or huge-sized poster or banner with interesting details about them, what they do and what exceptional services they offer. In the past, this means of advertising is deemed expensive but with recent developments in technology which allow print businesses the use of excellent tools such as the eon code web to print system, ordering and processing of prints can already be done online, without the hassle, and in the least expensive way. Right now, as we are coming close to an election, there is also a huge need for campaign materials. The print busine

having fun being in summer school

Summer is still exciting for my little girl as she gets to experience being in a classroom with ten other kids her age. Thankfully, her first day in summer school went pretty smooth. I chose to go on leave on her first day just to make sure that I will be there when she's not comfortable in this kind of environment. Thankfully, she didn't cry even though she witnessed one boy crying because he wanted his mom beside him. :-) I got even more proud of her after she showed me a star stamped on her wrist for a job well done on her first day. My feelings as a proud mom didn't change even if I did realize later that most kids got the same star on their wrists. :-) I know she is supposed to have all fun and play during this period but we think it would be a great help for her that she has a good idea on what it will be like come school opening. Anyhow, it is just for one month. The rest of the coaching and getting her primed up for Kindergarten school will still come

perfect pastime with family

Aside from my smile, my guts is highly contagious. At least my husband thinks so. :-) I used to think I couldn't get my husband to sing even in our home karaoke sessions with the family but, as time progressed, I was amazed to find him no longer refusing to sing when asked to do so or whenever he's handed a microphone. In fact, he suggested getting us a good music stand so we can have the look of a singing bar at home. It should be fun, right? By the way, I am also impressed that he already kept in mind the songs and the genre that should be great for his vocal range. Singing, as we know, is really one good form of exercise for the lungs. It is also an activity that creates good bonding for the family and makes any boring day fun, lively and entertaining. I am very happy that this is one of those pastimes that husband, daughter and I can do together.

turned 4 last month

I know I should have blogged about her birthday sooner but I didn't realize we have already moved to the month of April. Anyway, it still feels like we have just celebrated our little girl's fourth birthday. After all, it's only been a couple of weeks ago. Her birthday fell on a workday but it was just so timely that our workload in the office had been quite manageable that we didn't find it really hard to negotiate with our bosses and to arrange for different work schedule that will make ourselves available on her special day. Anyway,  we didn't really throw her a children's party. After all, everyone else is working. Thus, husband and I decided to just celebrate it the simplest way we could. That day started by going to church to attend the thanksgiving mass we offered on the occasion of her birthday. At home, I just cooked spaghetti and ordered a  birthday cake for her.  As our birthday present, we bought her a kiddie bike - something she had been aski