Ways to Remove Stretch Marks on Legs

Stretch marks generally appear as a mechanism to help the skin cope up with the sudden change in weight. Those white marks seen are the results of the action of the connective tissue to avoid skin from tearing. As a result, the connective tissues would appear as white streaks on skin usually on the thigh area, abdomen and legs. These marks already create that bothersome appearance. Though it may not hurt but it affects the aesthetic aspect of the body.

Though stretch marks generally appear as a result of sudden weight loss, pregnancy, hormonal changes or aging, its existence can still be prevented. As a phrase says, "prevention is better than cure", there are actually a lot of things one can do to prevent these marks from coming.
The key to maintaining a healthy skin is to have it moisturized. Taking at least 8 glasses of water every day helps reduce the possibility of the appearance of these marks. Dryness contributes to tearing of tissues which you may not want to happen. While, if skin is moisturized, tearing may not be that possible.

But if you have got the problem already, there are also simple solutions that you can just follow. Solutions including diet modification and some routines can be done to gradually let these marks disappear. There are also procedures which work faster in making the skin return to its non-stretched state.
Salons offer a new and advanced way to get rid of stretch marks especially those on the thighs and legs. There is what is called the laser therapy that is applied on the surface of the skin in order to reduce the presence of the white streaks caused by the stretching of connective tissues. There is a need to come back to the salon for sessions in order to complete the whole process.

One of the fastest ways to get rid of the marks is through plastic surgery. The affected area is tucked to come back to its original form with the absence of marks. As you might expect, this will cost a lot.
If you do not have the budget to undergo plastic surgery, you may just choose the natural ways to clear your legs from the presence of stretch marks. The only drawback is that you need to be patient because the results will not just appear overnight.

Stuff your diet with foods rich in vitamins A and E. These vitamins have anti-oxidant properties which tend to sweep away the toxins that are accumulated inside the body. Once the body is cleared from the harmful effects of toxins, it will reveal a healthy skin. And a healthy skin would entail a skin that would resist tearing should the body tend to stretch.

Body wraps will also help. Having these wraps would help the body improve its circulation and so healing will be faster on the area affected by stretch marks. There are wraps containing already oils that help hasten the process of healing as it serves to lock in moisture in skin.

Circulation is really something vital in the process. This just induces faster recovery for the skin. Another form of routine that you can do to promote circulation is through the use of steam baths. Visiting the sauna every week will promote circulation especially on the leg area. With this, the skin can heal faster. Technically, the healing process is not that painful but there is still a need for the skin to heal by gradually letting the skin tighten thus removing the marks. You can also read some advices and recipes (from real people, it's important) about beauty and handmade makeup to find out how to get rid of stretch marks http://wikitalks.com/category/articles/fashion-beauty/

Massage is also one of the most effective ways to get that stretch marks fading. Massage legs with your choice of essential oils so that you will get the best results. Not only will it promote circulation on the area which is vital for the process of getting the skin tightened, it will also leave skin smooth.
Get best results by practicing the routines regularly. This would facilitate continuous healing that may aide much in hastening the process. This is applicable to home remedies. But if you would prefer to undergo clinical procedures, you need to follow sessions that would ask you to pay a certain price. It will cost you a lot yet you are assured that the process is faster and that you will achieve results.

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  1. i tried to avoid having stretch marks during my last pregnancy however, when the doctor removed the bandage (?) that covered my cs stitches, he just pulled it without any care. it peeled off my skin - and i have to add that almost 3/4 of the part covered by the bandage tape was peeled off. now, i can say goodbye to hanging shirts and low waist pants. sad!


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