trying out new products

I am one of those women who want to be able to sample products first for free. I want to make sure that I won't be spending a lot of money on something that I would later on decide that it is not something for me. Thus, I was glad to learn that there is a website that offers most of the products I want to try using first before actually heading on for a real purchase. Thanks to Sample Room, I only get to choose from the sample products they have and I would get them almost for free. I said "almost" here because I will still have to shell out a little cash for local shipping. :-)

Anyway, this is just my first request for samples. Husband was happy I requested something for him. Hopefully, I'll get to sample other products as soon as I am done trying out the products I have now.


  1. Waaah! I am so green with envy here, Sis. How I wish I could get to receive items too all for free for doing product reviews. By far, I haven't got any :-( Congrats on this online gig, YAY!


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