a blog sendoff to elder brother

As I am writing this now, my elder brother may still be up on the plane heading to Abu Dhabi. Yes, he is going back to where a job opportunity awaits for him. So many times he tried applying for a job here because he didn't really intend to leave the country again but it seems like he is destined to come back to where he started. With all that he has gone through in this life, I am sure he is a lot wiser now. In fact, before he left, he told me he's going to save money so he can have someone to plant some cacao and lemon seedlings on our late mom's share of the land from our late grandfather. Working abroad is probably not something he sees as a lifetime job. After all, just as life itself, nothing is really permanent when it comes to the world of employment. Nothing is really certain. Thus, I commend him for having thought of collaborating with us siblings to make sure that mom's land will be put to good use one of these days.

A photo with my daughter and her uncle
This blog post comes with a prayer that one day he will reap all the fruits of his hard labor and sacrifice. I pray that he is going to make it BIG one day that he will end up thanking, praising and glorifying God even more for all that he has been through and has become.

Break a leg, brother.


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    I am no longer active in blogging and has instead transferred my daily activities to Facebook where I reach more audience to read my post. I will be honored if you can be my friend at Facebook seeing that you are also a member of FB. Are you using the same name Meretrisha in your FB account? Glad to hear from you at FB. God bless you all always.


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