Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ways to Remove Stretch Marks on Legs

Stretch marks generally appear as a mechanism to help the skin cope up with the sudden change in weight. Those white marks seen are the results of the action of the connective tissue to avoid skin from tearing. As a result, the connective tissues would appear as white streaks on skin usually on the thigh area, abdomen and legs. These marks already create that bothersome appearance. Though it may not hurt but it affects the aesthetic aspect of the body.

Though stretch marks generally appear as a result of sudden weight loss, pregnancy, hormonal changes or aging, its existence can still be prevented. As a phrase says, "prevention is better than cure", there are actually a lot of things one can do to prevent these marks from coming.
The key to maintaining a healthy skin is to have it moisturized. Taking at least 8 glasses of water every day helps reduce the possibility of the appearance of these marks. Dryness contributes to tearing of tissues which you may not want to happen. While, if skin is moisturized, tearing may not be that possible.

But if you have got the problem already, there are also simple solutions that you can just follow. Solutions including diet modification and some routines can be done to gradually let these marks disappear. There are also procedures which work faster in making the skin return to its non-stretched state.
Salons offer a new and advanced way to get rid of stretch marks especially those on the thighs and legs. There is what is called the laser therapy that is applied on the surface of the skin in order to reduce the presence of the white streaks caused by the stretching of connective tissues. There is a need to come back to the salon for sessions in order to complete the whole process.

One of the fastest ways to get rid of the marks is through plastic surgery. The affected area is tucked to come back to its original form with the absence of marks. As you might expect, this will cost a lot.
If you do not have the budget to undergo plastic surgery, you may just choose the natural ways to clear your legs from the presence of stretch marks. The only drawback is that you need to be patient because the results will not just appear overnight.

Stuff your diet with foods rich in vitamins A and E. These vitamins have anti-oxidant properties which tend to sweep away the toxins that are accumulated inside the body. Once the body is cleared from the harmful effects of toxins, it will reveal a healthy skin. And a healthy skin would entail a skin that would resist tearing should the body tend to stretch.

Body wraps will also help. Having these wraps would help the body improve its circulation and so healing will be faster on the area affected by stretch marks. There are wraps containing already oils that help hasten the process of healing as it serves to lock in moisture in skin.

Circulation is really something vital in the process. This just induces faster recovery for the skin. Another form of routine that you can do to promote circulation is through the use of steam baths. Visiting the sauna every week will promote circulation especially on the leg area. With this, the skin can heal faster. Technically, the healing process is not that painful but there is still a need for the skin to heal by gradually letting the skin tighten thus removing the marks. You can also read some advices and recipes (from real people, it's important) about beauty and handmade makeup to find out how to get rid of stretch marks

Massage is also one of the most effective ways to get that stretch marks fading. Massage legs with your choice of essential oils so that you will get the best results. Not only will it promote circulation on the area which is vital for the process of getting the skin tightened, it will also leave skin smooth.
Get best results by practicing the routines regularly. This would facilitate continuous healing that may aide much in hastening the process. This is applicable to home remedies. But if you would prefer to undergo clinical procedures, you need to follow sessions that would ask you to pay a certain price. It will cost you a lot yet you are assured that the process is faster and that you will achieve results.

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what goes into your plate?

The Lenten holidays has done us good. Thanks to the long holidays, hubby and I found a lot of time to do some reflection and to bond with our kid longer at home. It's a good thing we weren't able to do our groceries just yet; so, the refrigerator is not really packed with a lot of food and we are not tempted to pig out. In fact, yesterday I skipped lunch without really meaning to. I ate the last crackers at ten a.m. that day, so I wasn't feeling hungry at all when husband announced lunch time. Oh, I wasn't really planning to go extreme on my diet because I also don't like to starve myself. So, rarely will you find me skipping meals because that will not bring about pleasing results. At least not to me. I do read somewhere that you can still achieve a healthier body even if you don't resort to starving yourself. Why would I starve myself when I can eat in moderation and achieve better results, anyway? In fact, a friend told me she achieved her desired body weight and shape through regular exercise and by eating in portions. She said she started to become disciplined in her eating habits after she realized that even if she prepared healthier meals, it still won't count if she ate in large amounts. Thus, along with her usual exercise routine, she lessened her intake of food (especially starchy foods or those rich in carbohydrates) and felt comfortable with the outcome. I learned she also made use of portion control dishes to help her with controlling the amount of food that goes into her plate and eventually to her stomach. Although I am aware that it is still up to us if we overindulge in our meals or not, somehow it is still a great idea to use portion control plates so that we are always reminded that we need to limit our intake of food. It's like your personal assistant that mentally sends this message "Note to self: That's just about it... No more second helpings, please!" :-)

Friday, March 29, 2013

a blog sendoff to elder brother

As I am writing this now, my elder brother may still be up on the plane heading to Abu Dhabi. Yes, he is going back to where a job opportunity awaits for him. So many times he tried applying for a job here because he didn't really intend to leave the country again but it seems like he is destined to come back to where he started. With all that he has gone through in this life, I am sure he is a lot wiser now. In fact, before he left, he told me he's going to save money so he can have someone to plant some cacao and lemon seedlings on our late mom's share of the land from our late grandfather. Working abroad is probably not something he sees as a lifetime job. After all, just as life itself, nothing is really permanent when it comes to the world of employment. Nothing is really certain. Thus, I commend him for having thought of collaborating with us siblings to make sure that mom's land will be put to good use one of these days.

A photo with my daughter and her uncle
This blog post comes with a prayer that one day he will reap all the fruits of his hard labor and sacrifice. I pray that he is going to make it BIG one day that he will end up thanking, praising and glorifying God even more for all that he has been through and has become.

Break a leg, brother.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

looking forward to the next climb

One of the things we did in the later part of last year was to go mountain trekking. It was an itinerary we had to do with family and relatives so  we can check out the status of our late grandfather's hectares of land there. In other words, it was our chance to see and appreciate what our late grandpa had left as a legacy for the family. For someone like me who isn't used to climbing mountains, I would say that it was really quite an adventure. It was tiring but fun. As for husband, he said he would have enjoyed the activity even more if he wasn't wearing slippers. Indeed, it was a lesson he learned later - that it's better to put on the right footwear when you're going to the mountain. That is really something I would have to agree on. I told him that the next time we pay grandpa's land a visit, he shouldn't be wearing slippers. I thought a pair of Lowa Trekker Boots or anything like it would be perfect for him to use. Thankfully, my aunt left her pair of trekking shoes for me; so, there is no longer a need to buy one for myself. Now that it is summer time, husband and I are looking forward to the next climb.

trying out new products

I am one of those women who want to be able to sample products first for free. I want to make sure that I won't be spending a lot of money on something that I would later on decide that it is not something for me. Thus, I was glad to learn that there is a website that offers most of the products I want to try using first before actually heading on for a real purchase. Thanks to Sample Room, I only get to choose from the sample products they have and I would get them almost for free. I said "almost" here because I will still have to shell out a little cash for local shipping. :-)

Anyway, this is just my first request for samples. Husband was happy I requested something for him. Hopefully, I'll get to sample other products as soon as I am done trying out the products I have now.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

taking advantage of the fun summer

Summer is definitely just around the corner... Or isn't it here already? Obviously, this is already time to plan for a fun summer beach outing. Nearly all of us would like to have loads of fun with family and friends at the beach. Indeed, it is important that we find ourselves some time to make ourselves available for our loved ones. After all, we are also entitled to have a really good tan, right? Anyway, while most of us are planning for this family beach outing during summer time, companies and politicians are also getting busy cooking up their marketing strategies in order for them to get that brand recognition and popularity they needed. Earlier this year, I have seen lots of advertisements printed on tarpaulins and they can be seen in places that are widely visible to the public. This summer, politicians who want to be remembered during Election time (I am not really sure if this is allowed, though) and companies that want to spread product and consumer awareness can capitalize on this part of the year through promotional beach towels and other essentials which they can offer as giveaways to the local beach goers and vacationers.  Surely, this is a practical way for them to take advantage of the fun times during summer. As for me, I would be happy to receive beach essentials as freebies. How about you? :-)

it takes a little more kindness to self

I've made progress lately. Yahoo! I'm talking about my losing weight agenda. I am happy to say that I'm no longer stuck in the planning stage like it used to be for the longest time. I know I haven't been a little kinder to my body and health for a couple of years already. Not that I am doing it intentionally. It's just that I have deliberately allowed stress and other factors to conquer my physical well-being.

Still, I know the Lord has been helping me all throughout this journey. Through our Zumba sessions in the neighborhood, He has helped me gain new friends with similar goals and interest as mine. Although I wouldn't be able to join them for awhile due to a change in my work schedule, I know I can always join them anytime my schedule permits me to.

Laughing the painful cramps off :-)
Anyway, I promised myself that my battle with the bulge does not end with Zumba no longer part of my weekend activity. I have to rely on self-help videos and keep myself even more productive with household chores, motherly and wifely duties. Okay, I do need to mention that it's not just all about moving a lot. It 's also about eating less and eating right.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

learning from his grandmother

My husband told me that when he was a child, he used to borrow her grandmother's harmonica. He said he knew how to play with it but that was already a long time ago. If you ask him to play it now, he would probably need a week to revive his knowledge on how to play this musical instrument well. Grandmother-in-law's harmonica, by the way, is already 41 years old but it still looks as good as it sounds. Yes, it is still with her. Isn't that amazing? I personally saw it when we visited our in-laws when she showed it to me. There is no denying the number of years she had it with her as she did not forget to write on the box (something most elders her age would do) the date she received it as a gift from her husband. Yes, the casing on the harmonica is still very much in tact, even as of this time. I was really impressed at how she cherishes this gift. She even showed me samples of old songs she can remember playing with this instrument. So, when my husband started to look around lately for his own harmonica, I didn't object to it. In fact, I had hoped he would get us one already. After all, we can pass it on to our kid when she grows up. :-)

an inspiring story of simplicity

On our way to work one morning, while we were riding our motorcycle, we noticed the van ahead of us bore a mini poster plastered at the back of the vehicle with some words that are not quite readable if you don't get near it. There's a picture within the poster, though, which I later recognized to be that of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. Out of curiosity, I asked my husband to drive closer near it and I forced my eyes so I can have the chance to read some parts of it. I knew I can google it later when work is over. Luckily, I had an idea that the words written in the poster were excerpts from the Story of a Soul. I googled those 4 words and realized it was all about the life of St. Therese. This beautiful and inspiring story about her life has got me reading the rest of the day. I thought I should have just listened to the audio book so that I won't tire my eyes out (I guess I have to accept and acknowledge the need of eyeglasses now at my age) but thought I would appreciate the words better when read rather than heard. Nonetheless, I thought I would eventually listen to the audio book as soon as I'm done with the written version. Anyhow, I have come to appreciate how St. Therese, in her writings, had made me realize that it is in our own uniqueness that we are made beautiful; and that no matter what circumstances we are in, we don't have to question God about it. We have our own purpose and that we need to just follow His will.

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