she wants to play the drum

Last night, my daughter told me she has a new friend in the neighborhood and that the name was Jim. She described him as someone who plays a drum. Her Nanay Thelma (the sitter) confirmed it. My little girl also tells me she wants to own one as well because she wants to play but her friend wouldn't lend her his drum. I am taking it as another sign that she is really into music. Now, I remembered that when I was younger, I had also wanted to learn how to play the drums. I never had the chance to do that, though. At that time, there was no way my parents could afford to spare an amount for this musical instrument. Now that I am a parent myself, it is also my wish that one day we can afford to buy one for her - if she's really serious about it. Hopefully, we can practically learn how to play the drums together. That would be cool, right? :-)

Anyway, above is a picture of my daughter at a store, standing behind a couple of drums for sale.


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