my Valentine thoughts

I felt compelled to update this blog because it's Valentines Day! :-) Actually, there's not much happening today (maybe later tonight haha! kidding) as husband and I have been busy at work. Despite the lack of time to celebrate this special day exclusively for us, I am already happy (always happy) because we're together every single day. After all, we are working in the same office; so, we go to work and go home together. What more could I ask for? Some people say this routine of constant togetherness can put our relationship to the brink of boredom. However, I don't see it happening with us. Everyday we are getting closer because there's always communication. We understand and respect each other more as we get to know each other and ourselves more. Of course, there are still arguments along the way as neither of us is perfect but what is more important is that we often agree more than we disagree. I appreciate my husband for everything that he is and he is not. I thank the Lord that I have a partner who understands and accepts my imperfection. Life is more wonderful with him and my daughter. On the other hand, life wouldn't be also complete without family and friends. I am also happy that we have families and friends who love us. We love them just the same. I am definitely loving whatever I have right now. Now, if only we can balance our time for all of these - work, spiritual life, marriage, parenthood, family and friends - life would be a perfect blend! We will work on it! :-)

Happy Valentine's Day to all!


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