my friendship with the old ones

Just want to take this time and space on my blog again to thank my friends for their existence in my life. Like I said before, I don't hold a long list of friends. I do have new friends but I also keep the old ones in my heart and in my thoughts - even though I seldom to never see them. You see, some of them keep in touch while some just went missing in my life as the years go by. The funny thing is that I miss all of them. I will forever remember and cherish the memories I made with each one of them. I do hope that someday I get to cross paths with those I didn't get to see again for ages.


  1. Merong ganun...hehehe...miss u Jo, kuyog tawn namo sunod oi...Ikaw ra jud absent bah

  2. it's nice to have those friends who remain your friends despite distance and time. what makes it so great is the fact that everytime you see each other or talk/chat, walang awkward moments and feeling mo, parang kahapon lang kayo huling nagkasama.


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