Tuesday, February 26, 2013

how are you holding up?

After giving birth, I must confess that some things are happening with my body that I have very little to no control of. Among other things, it seemed like my bladder could not always do its part of holding up urine a little longer than it used to. I am talking about urinary incontinence. I thought incontinence can only be experienced by the elderly or those that are already past their retirement age but I was wrong. I didn't even think that a laughter can trigger a flow from my bladder. This actually bothered me for awhile but after a few reads on the Internet and after a word from a doctor (especially), I was somehow appeased.

To be honest, my urinary incontinence experience came to a point that I had to rely on these diapers and nappies for adults for awhile but after following a few exercises (Kegel exercises) that can help strengthen the muscles in my pelvic area, I was able to manage it well. Of course, it was not like I have totally dealt with it or gotten rid of it completely because there are still times (although not very often) that I would get a surprise flow when I find something too amusing and can't control my laughter. That's when these diapers or nappies can come in really handy. I realized I might as well wear one especially when I know I would be engaged in a fun conversation with friends during parties or when I would go on a long travel. How about you? How are you holding up? :-)

By the way, I also find these disposable ones helpful especially during heavier days of my period. There is this feeling of security on my part when I use them during Day 2 of my period instead of my regular pads. Ooopps, that was supposed to be a secret!:-)

preparing her for kindergarten school

I mentioned in my other blog that my little girl is almost ready for school. We have already found the school that she would be going to this coming school year. She will be four years old this coming March and her age by then would be just right for Kindergarten I. I tried to tell or ask the teacher who was in charge of admission that she has not even entered Nursery yet. I was a little worried that she might not be ready to write just yet. However, the teacher informed me that her age is more appropriate for K1; and so, husband and I had to defer to her judgment as well as the curriculum. If it were only up to me, I wished she had tried to be in a Playgroup first but I guess it's already too late for that. Anyhow, we're enrolling her for Summer for a month (on a playschool just near our house) just to immerse her on a classroom setting and to get her started on her writing. As parents, we also have our own sessions with her at home just to prepare her for kindergarten. Hopefully, she will learn more and have fun in school. Also, we're trying to get her to be completely without diapers. Right now, we're still letting her wear one but only when we're going somewhere and when she sleeps at night.

Friday, February 22, 2013

when dressing up seems hard to do

There are times when I need to dress up formally for a function or an occasion. In many of these times, I get anxious because I am really clueless about what to wear because I'm simply not the 'dressy' type of person. Looking back, I had been fortunate to have friends who are always willing to help me find something that suits me or to lend me whatever they have in their closet. If it weren't for my friend who had me wear her extra evening dress and done my makeup, I wouldn't have been able to attend the debut of another friend.

We are getting ready to attend a debut party.

Eight years later, I remembered the last time I needed to wear something formal was the time I played the role of maid of honor for a friend's wedding. At that time, the bride-to-be gave me the freedom to decide what I should wear and how I should look as long as I follow the theme of the wedding. The pressure was left on me to decide on the design and this was something I found difficult to do at that time. Anyhow, a visit to a certain dress shop had ended my ordeal because they had an in-house designer. I was given a lot of options for designs that best suit my physique. I think I looked good in that dress during the wedding but you should know that it took me several trips before I was able to find the perfect dress shop that can accommodate a poor dresser like me.

Today, I realized I would have been able to save a few bucks if I had bought something ready-made. Those trips I mentioned to find the right designer who can commit to a certain deadline ate up a lot of my time because most of them were already booked for the month. So, if I were to do it all over again and given that the element of time pressure is present, I would probably have chosen to buy a ready-made formal dress online since the delivery is practically within 5 to 7 days. With that, I would still have ample time for some minor adjustments/fixes on the dress, if there is any. The good thing about buying online is that there are plenty of great designs to choose from and they also come in a variety of shades and sizes. In fact, when you visit MissesDressy.com for Beautiful Evening Gown Dresses right now, for example, it is likely that you will find the dress that you need as well as the size and color that should best match the motif of a wedding or any themed function or occasion. Moreover, you can also expect these dresses to come in various price ranges; so, it shouldn't be hard to choose something that is well within the budget range. If you ask me, below are just some of the dresses I found at the Misses Dressy site that I would be happy to wear.

I believe these designs are timeless and have that touch of elegance.
Personally, I want to wear something that is not too physically revealing especially because I don't have something to reveal. LOL! I have a feeling that I am going to need one of these beautiful evening gown dresses later on since I learned that two of my close friends are planning on a church wedding. Hopefully, when that time comes, my Zumba sessions and diet plans would have already taken effect so that I would already shrink to my desired size. Otherwise, I would have to rely on the plus sizes. So, what do you think of my choice? I would love to read your opinion. :-)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

my friendship with the old ones

Just want to take this time and space on my blog again to thank my friends for their existence in my life. Like I said before, I don't hold a long list of friends. I do have new friends but I also keep the old ones in my heart and in my thoughts - even though I seldom to never see them. You see, some of them keep in touch while some just went missing in my life as the years go by. The funny thing is that I miss all of them. I will forever remember and cherish the memories I made with each one of them. I do hope that someday I get to cross paths with those I didn't get to see again for ages.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

keeping good memories of high school alive

I have plenty of memories during high school that I can probably share to my daughter later on. I'm sure she would love to learn all about my experiences - my joys, struggles and accomplishments as a student. I also have pictures to share to her where I participated in some activities such as the Junior and Seniors Prom. Oh, I wish I had plenty of souvenirs during high school but there were only a few. I remembered I had a slumbook/autograph (owning one was a growing fad at that time) where most of my classmates/batchmates have signed up. Sadly, I had it misplaced somewhere when the family moved from one place to another. Now, I am also thinking about where I placed my yearbook! I wish I had brought it with me when I left home. Today, there's more to just keeping a yearbook or pictures in high school and letting classmates sign autographs to keep, preserve, and hold memories of high school. You see, as I went over joyjewelers.com for class rings, I realized that high school students can also agree to have their own class rings specially made for their batch. Too bad we didn't have one for our own batch. If only we had thought about that during our time. Anyway, I might propose to have a class ring as souvenir during our high school batch reunion. Hopefully, our batch president and eventually the rest of my batch mates would buy the idea.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

my Valentine thoughts

I felt compelled to update this blog because it's Valentines Day! :-) Actually, there's not much happening today (maybe later tonight haha! kidding) as husband and I have been busy at work. Despite the lack of time to celebrate this special day exclusively for us, I am already happy (always happy) because we're together every single day. After all, we are working in the same office; so, we go to work and go home together. What more could I ask for? Some people say this routine of constant togetherness can put our relationship to the brink of boredom. However, I don't see it happening with us. Everyday we are getting closer because there's always communication. We understand and respect each other more as we get to know each other and ourselves more. Of course, there are still arguments along the way as neither of us is perfect but what is more important is that we often agree more than we disagree. I appreciate my husband for everything that he is and he is not. I thank the Lord that I have a partner who understands and accepts my imperfection. Life is more wonderful with him and my daughter. On the other hand, life wouldn't be also complete without family and friends. I am also happy that we have families and friends who love us. We love them just the same. I am definitely loving whatever I have right now. Now, if only we can balance our time for all of these - work, spiritual life, marriage, parenthood, family and friends - life would be a perfect blend! We will work on it! :-)

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

she wants to play the drum

Last night, my daughter told me she has a new friend in the neighborhood and that the name was Jim. She described him as someone who plays a drum. Her Nanay Thelma (the sitter) confirmed it. My little girl also tells me she wants to own one as well because she wants to play but her friend wouldn't lend her his drum. I am taking it as another sign that she is really into music. Now, I remembered that when I was younger, I had also wanted to learn how to play the drums. I never had the chance to do that, though. At that time, there was no way my parents could afford to spare an amount for this musical instrument. Now that I am a parent myself, it is also my wish that one day we can afford to buy one for her - if she's really serious about it. Hopefully, we can practically learn how to play the drums together. That would be cool, right? :-)

Anyway, above is a picture of my daughter at a store, standing behind a couple of drums for sale.

random thoughts on a Tuesday

Surprisingly, I woke up earlier than usual this morning. It was like my body clock was telling me to get up and not wait for the alarm clock to ring so I can have time for my blogging stuff. Ironically, I am not really sure what to write here. Perhaps I should just do a random thoughts post.

Today, Tuesday is going to be more than just a day after Monday. :-)LOL. Seriously, today is the schedule of our annual physical exam at work and I am not really excited about it because I'm still scared of needles. Haha! I've been through a major surgery before. Now I wonder why I'm still scared of the usual blood extraction routine. Anyway, I have already conditioned my mind about this. I know I am braver than this. Hopefully, I'll get this over and done with today. This is nothing compared to what I have already been through.

Tuesday is going to be fine.

On another note, I felt sad when I learned yesterday that a friend of mine is at the hospital. This woman is a whole lot braver than I am. I hope to be able to visit her after work today. She's been in and out of the hospital lately. I hope and pray that the Lord will restore her and give her complete healing.

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