Gourmet Coffee Any Time

Great food and fine beverages are some of the things that make life worth living – gourmet coffee is another one of life’s little pleasures and for some a guilty indulgence; it can actually be pretty pricey to enjoy a fancy gourmet coffee at a coffee shop or restaurant on a regular basis. With a Cuisinart® K-Cup® on demand coffee maker you can savor gourmet quality coffee any time at a price per cup that will make you feel like a millionaire and a savvy shopper at the same time.

A 1 cup coffee maker used to mean a miniature coffee filter coupled with a lot of fumbling around and hassle for a mediocre cup of coffee, but with a single serve or on demand brewing system it is effortless and the coffee is first rate. No matter the maker, most on demand systems operate on the same basic principles – they have a reservoir for water and can hold six or more cups of water plus they require an electrical outlet. Unlike a conventional coffee maker, there is no need to scoop and measure coffee nor are there filters to fuss with or a coffee pot or carafe to clean.

Single serve brewing systems use coffee inserts which are pre-measured and individually sealed. This means the coffee is fresh and flavorful and the water to coffee ratio is consistent which guarantees great coffee every time. The coffee is always hot sine it brews directly into your mug, cup, glass or travel mug; it is never scorched or bitter since there is no warmer to cook the coffee; waste is eliminated since you brew only what you need and not a drop more.


  1. Oh, this looks interesting sis. Love to have one of these.


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