Saturday, January 26, 2013

it's rock star brother's birthday

I just noticed the date today - it's my rock star brother's birthday! Somehow, I felt guilty because I wasn't very nice to him when we communicated via Yahoo Messenger today and I totally forgot about his birthday. Had I realized earlier that his birthday is coming, I would have avoided being in an argument with him over something. Anyhow, I'm looking for something to make it up on him. I guess one of those excellent guitars for rock stars should be a good peace offering, right? Surely, he would love to create and play good music with it. Oh, how I would love to  support him as a musician! I'll see if he is still with his band and if my funds are already enough to cover the purchase; otherwise, I would have to call and greet him, instead. :-) Happy birthday, brother! You rock!

polishing my skills

Tonight is my chance to polish my skills. When I am done with blogging, I'll get back to article writing. I realized that I haven't put an investment to a good use. I intentionally bought a deck of cards online from Ezinearticles so I can further enhance my writing skills.

Indeed, these cards are useful for anyone who wants to learn how to write articles in a variety of styles. Pretty soon, I won't get stuck with writing articles in one and the same style.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

dinner with old friends

with my former office friends
While husband is still not done with work in the office today, I had the chance to meet up and have dinner with old friends and former office friends. Actually, another good friend of mine  arrived from the U.S. and she treated us to dinner. Definitely, it was great to see them again. Even for just a short while, I had the chance to be with them where we talked about the good old times we had back then as office buddies. We all just laughed at those funny and silly times we did in the past. Of course, it was also our time to update each other about the latest events in our lives. I felt sad to learn that one of my friends just got her heart broken. This guy (the culprit) almost became her husband. He had already proposed and they have already looked around for their wedding bands but, sadly, the guy cheated on her; so, the wedding was off. Anyway, she can always think of her being free and single again as her chance to find better prospects. I'm sure she'll get to have her groom soon. :-)

guilty as a mother can be

What's keeping me sad sometimes about us moving back to our own home (even though I know we are doing the right thing) is leaving my daughter to a nanny when she could have been happier being with her cousins at the in-laws' place. Deep inside, I feel really guilty every time we have to extend extra hours at work because I know my daughter is patiently waiting for us to come home every single day. Had she been under the in-laws' watch, I would not be as guilty as I am  these days. Indeed, parenting is a little difficult when you cannot find the right balance. Anyhow, husband and I are now planning on reporting earlier than usual at work so that we can make it home earlier as well. This also means that we need to get to sleep earlier than we normally do. Unfortunately, I am still up (and blogging!). There's one more post to do before going back to bed to join husband and daughter.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gourmet Coffee Any Time

Great food and fine beverages are some of the things that make life worth living – gourmet coffee is another one of life’s little pleasures and for some a guilty indulgence; it can actually be pretty pricey to enjoy a fancy gourmet coffee at a coffee shop or restaurant on a regular basis. With a Cuisinart® K-Cup® on demand coffee maker you can savor gourmet quality coffee any time at a price per cup that will make you feel like a millionaire and a savvy shopper at the same time.

A 1 cup coffee maker used to mean a miniature coffee filter coupled with a lot of fumbling around and hassle for a mediocre cup of coffee, but with a single serve or on demand brewing system it is effortless and the coffee is first rate. No matter the maker, most on demand systems operate on the same basic principles – they have a reservoir for water and can hold six or more cups of water plus they require an electrical outlet. Unlike a conventional coffee maker, there is no need to scoop and measure coffee nor are there filters to fuss with or a coffee pot or carafe to clean.

Single serve brewing systems use coffee inserts which are pre-measured and individually sealed. This means the coffee is fresh and flavorful and the water to coffee ratio is consistent which guarantees great coffee every time. The coffee is always hot sine it brews directly into your mug, cup, glass or travel mug; it is never scorched or bitter since there is no warmer to cook the coffee; waste is eliminated since you brew only what you need and not a drop more.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

can't sleep just yet

I am not really insomniac but there are really times when I can't get to sleep even when it's already past bedtime and even when the lights are already out. This is one of those times where I am still trying to keep myself sleepy while husband and daughter are already in the middle of their sleep. This gets me totally envious especially when I hear one of them snore! I'll leave that up for readers to guess which of them is the snoring type. :-)

By the way, the reason why I'm having trouble sleeping today is probably because I had too much caffeine during the day. I rely too much on coffee (and sometimes cola or soda!), which is also why I can't bring my weight down. Actually, I can let go of soft drinks any time but my day would never be the same without a drink or two of coffee. I thought perhaps it is about time to go for brewed coffee instead of instant coffee mix. Hopefully and pretty soon, we can have our own coffee maker at home.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

husband's dream for himself

Earlier I mentioned about my dream of becoming a professor in the future. Isn't it pretty neat to have teaching as my ultimate profession? I thought so. Husband thinks so, too. Speaking of husband, he has a dream for himself as well. He said he'd like to hone himself to become a successful seller or marketer someday. He has already envisioned that one day he'll be showing around his metal business card to his prospects. In order to succeed, though, he has acknowledged that he needs to work harder to improve his communication and marketing skills. I  would be happiest if he gets to realize all he wishes to become one day.

dreaming of being a teacher

I told my husband I would like to be a teacher in the future. I remembered when I was a child, this was what I earlier dreamed to become but this dream got buried away when I also thought I wanted to become a lawyer someday. Unfulfilled dreams, huh? These days, my thoughts suddenly went back to wanting to be a teacher and this is probably because I thought it would be great to teach while my daughter is schooling. How convenient can that be for us? :-) Anyhow, these are just plans and thoughts for now. I just thought of writing these thoughts down even though I am not really one hundred percent sure about this plan. May the Lord continue to guide me in all that I do.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

a shower of inspiration

One of the things that I like about checking in at hotels or travel inns when you are vacationing is the fact that you are able to find great interior decorating ideas there that you can possibly copy and apply to your home. This can be quite helpful if you  are running out of better ideas in improving your home. If there are particular things in the arrangement of the room that you want to copy in your own home, you can simply take some photos of them so that you can always get back to it when you are ready to give your own room a boost. When we were checked in at FB Traveller's Inn last December, I took some pictures of the room. I also took pictures of their shower accessories in the bathroom. I wonder where they bought them from. I told husband that I'd like to have the same water heater in my shower. We are living in a tropical country but there are times when I'd like to bathe in warmer water especially after having a stressful, tiring day. Thus, a shower system with certain adjustments on water temperature is something that I'd like for us to have. Oh, if we have this at home, I would definitely be inspired to shower three times on weekends. :-)

Friday, January 11, 2013

her Barbie fascination

Give her anything Barbie and her problem is solved.  Little girls these days - I sometimes can't understand why their fascination for beautiful dolls are somewhat exaggerated to the point that they will cry rivers of tears when they don't get them. Good thing though that nowadays she's also okay with a popular toothpaste with a Barbie picture on it. She's actually excited to use it that I am actually happy that we discovered something that can motivate her to brush her teeth on a regular basis.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a simple and effective website to drive more prospects

Some business websites are full of uninteresting and unnecessary features that instead of keeping prospects coming, they would only end up driving them away. If you are in business, you do need to have an excellent website but this doesn't mean that you need to have a website with lavish and complicated designs. These days, websites for businesses tend to be more effective when they are simple and easy to navigate. Such is the case now with the recently launched website of Radiall. Having been around in the business for many years now, they have already gained a lot of credibility as one of the leading manufacturers of high quality interconnect components for various industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Industrial and Telecommunications.

If you check out their new website now, Radiall is already going for the minimalistic and simple design where people or prospects can conveniently navigate. Certainly, they have all the essential elements that drive more prospects to their business. Users will not get lost or overwhelmed with unnecessary information since the information that they need are in recognizable categories. You can search for a certain product through the Products category but you can also browse per industry through the Industries category. More importantly, their website does not take forever to load and this is probably because they have done away with the unnecessary features. Businesses should go for a simple and effective website like that of Radiall's.

Monday, January 7, 2013

a short visit to my homeland

I thought our trip last year as a family also deserved an entry here. It's been more than two years since I thought of traveling with husband and daughter so I can show them what my homeland looks like; but due to unavoidable circumstances, we kept putting off this trip to San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. It's quite ironic that it took us longer to carry out this travel plan when it will only take us a few hours to get there. Anyway, we finally made that happen in December of last year when I dragged them with me so I could attend our elementary batch reunion.

It took us one year to plan for this reunion but only a few of us showed up...

I'm not really the super sociable type of person but I'm not an introvert one, either. Thus, the idea of meeting up with former classmates in my elementary batch is also something that matters to me. Thus, there's nothing husband could do at that time but support me on this short trip, especially after he learned that I am the president of our batch. Besides, he and daughter haven't been to my hometown; so, they might as well grab the chance to get even just a short glimpse of my hometown, San Carlos City.

I know our one-day stay in the city hailed as the city of the generous people was a little too short to cover all the must-see sights and places; so, hopefully, we could schedule another one- or two-day vacation next time. In fact, I regret not letting them personally see our old rundown house as husband is also interested to see where me and my family used to live.

Anyhow, it's a good thing that we found a perfect place to stay while we were there in San Carlos City. It's called FB Traveller's Inn which is situated at Eco Tourism Highway, Don Juan Subdivision. A motorcab took us there from the port in just a few minutes.

For those who are planning to visit San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, I highly recommend checking in at FB Traveller's Inn because their booking rates are affordable. You'll get the best rooms that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Aside from that, they provide excellent service. Pretty neat place, I should say. 

Because of the lack of time (we needed to catch the 11:30 AM special trip schedule), we only went to Gaisano San Carlos, St. Charles Borromeo church, the public plaza and then at the People's Park. My little girl loved to be at the park; however, we went there at a really imperfect time - the sun was up since it's almost noontime when we got there. Here are just a few pictures of the quick tour.

St. Charles Borromeo Parish

Enjoying her swing and not worried about the scorching heat of the sun
After buying some peanuts at E.R.'s (I just remembered this), I wished we had more timeout we had to leave so can still be accommodated at the ferry. There were lots of passengers since it's almost New Year.
Time to go.. Bye bye, dear native land!

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