my love for music

My ex-workmates used to tease me that I have a thousand voices and that's because I enjoy singing along with the songs played on the radio in my own style and tune. They never complained about my singing, though, as I have already primed them up that I was a choir member when I was in high school. In other words, they have managed to accept that I am musically inclined. Haha!

Speaking of my choir days in high school, I thought I would consider these days as one of the best times of my student life as this have somehow helped build my self-confidence. Being a member of a choir is probably one of the best memories I have of my younger years. Every time we go to church, I would remember the good old times with the group because not only did we perform onstage before, we also sang at our local Catholic church. And would you believe we sang even at funerals for free? Oh, it's not entirely free after all because we get served with snacks after the service. :-) I remembered how our choir professor would spend a few hours each day to teach us some new songs. I could not also forget the keyboard we were using then. Although it was branded, it was not that portable and as slick as the exquisite keyboards that are being introduced and used these days.

Can you recognize me in this picture? :-)

Reminiscing on the times with the choir, I thought it was a wonderful experience to not only have the chance to sing and perform but to also belong to a group. I'm sure my little girl would also want to be a member of a singing group one day because, even at her small age, I would already hear her singing and blending along with today's popular music. Oh, I really think it is a good thing that her mom has a thousand voices. :-)


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