celebrated our fifth

Yesterday marked our fifth year of marriage. We were glad it fell on a Saturday so we can have some time to celebrate.

Weeks before our anniversary, we actually thought of traveling to my hometown but since the weather is not that great days before our anniversary, we decided to put off traveling. We then agreed to celebrate this important day with our Dipdip at SM. I think celebrating it with our daughter (the fruit of our love) is the best way to celebrate as a form of our renewal of love and commitment to one another.

Initially, we planned on watching a movie with our daughter. It was supposed to be her first movie experience but we can't find any movie that's suitable for her age. Besides, if it's not a Dora or a Barbie show, she's not that attentive yet. Thus, we ended up watching an Art Exhibit at the Art Exhibit Center, buying socks for ourselves (bought 3 pairs for each of us) at the department store, a Snow White book and Barbie puzzle at the Toy Kingdom. And to satisfy our stomach, we went Italian as husband treated us at Sbarro for some pizza and pasta. I did not forget to hold my appetite, though, as I already know the consequences. :-)

I thought our celebration would end after Sbarro but our little girl requested for a carousel ride at World of Fun. She went ecstatic. My little girl is a happy kid but I have never seen her too happy like yesterday. I guess kids aren't really hard to please.

I am really happy that we decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary this way. So happy we have come this far.


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