I miss blogging, big time

Thanks to a former officemate who left all her bookmarks on the computer which I am already using at work, I have learned some very useful tips about blogging and marketing. I particularly find Chris Brogan's blog interesting that I have actually subscribed to his posts and newsletter. Among the many things I learned from him was to never apologize if you haven't written in awhile. Hmmm, I must admit I was about to do that ('apologize') after contemplating on getting back to the blogging world. Anyway, I felt like it didn't matter to most readers/visitors that I was on hiatus - well aware of the fact that the world can go on without me or my blog update.

Let me just say that I really miss blogging again, BIG time! I miss all my blogging friends. Time is indeed both an enemy and a friend - depends on how we make use of it. I'll have to remember that every time I choose not to update my blog just because I can always put it off tomorrow or the day after. :-)


  1. Don't ever apologize. Things get hectic in life; children, family, work, and everything in-between, you know? Sometimes, we can't always blog when we want to, which is why I stopped for awhile, if you remember. I picked up again, but the pace & theme seem a little different. :)

    If you do manage to come back, full-time or part-time, your dear friends and readers will be more than happy to welcome you back! ;)

  2. thanks Cat... miss you, big time, my good friend :-). I'll add your new blog later. God bless.


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