blogging is a must for all businesses

I recently had a word with a friend/officemate who already started a home-based online business. I think she and her partner did pretty well that I thought going into it is worth a try one day. I guess I am going to have to start planning my own business as well. I must say that I find her small business blogging activities worth emulating one day. These days, I think that it is already expected for a small business, no matter what kind/type of business it is, to maintain a blog and update it frequently. This is one way that visitors will know that your business is very active because you have put every effort to maintain your website/blog and provide some information that visitors and potential customers might need to know.

Right now, though, I am already contented with accepting content writing opportunities for extra income - SEO and the works. This is why I always see the need to update this blog every so often because I don't want potential clients to have a wrong impression of me. :-) You see, blogging is more of a personal thing for me rather than a proof of my writing skills and abilities. I usually blog when there's something I find interesting in my head. Otherwise, there would be none to write about.


  1. Great article keep it up Thanks for sharing post

  2. Yes, a blog and a website is a must for any business these days. Competition is so much stiffer. Goodluck with your online work. It's great work and you have more time for your family.Thanks for visiting my blogs Sis. I don't have much time to bloghop like I used to :(

  3. It's great if you could maintain an online business to help in your family income. I hope and pray that if you do, it will be so successful and financially rewarding, by the grace of God. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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