hidden beach finally explored

Thanks to my in-laws who have planned for a summer vacation, we finally had the chance to explore the Hidden Beach in Aloguinsan, Cebu. We have planned to visit this place last year but due to the not-so-pleasant weather (there was a threat of typhoon at that time) where the van we were renting got stuck on the way to that hidden beach, we decided to change our course and headed to another beach in another town.

You can only imagine the anticipation of being able to finally experience the white beach and the long shoreline. So, this summer, we finally made it happen. But, it almost didn't happen when, as we were on our way to where this beach was hidden, the rented van didn't seem to cooperate. Unfortunately, the vehicle's radiator leaked while we were still halfway through our destination. I think we were in Naga at that time, which spoiled our anticipation for a good swim.

I thought we wouldn't push through with the Hidden Beach summer outing. I thought we will again settle for another beach elsewhere just like we did last year, closer to where our vehicle got stranded. Thanks to the initiative of the driver, we transferred to another van after he called a fellow driver for back-up.

You know what it's like to get stuck or stranded, right?

Well, I considered it as a temporary setback. Coincidentally, my in-laws realized we got stranded in front of the house of their friend (a former workmate of father-in-law, I believe). To make the long story short, they ended up asking for "makopa" or "tambis" fruits (I don't know how they call that anywhere else in the world - I'll look that up pretty soon). So, we weren't really super bored at that time.

Because of what we went through before getting there, we were able to appreciate Hidden Beach Aloguinsan even more. To say that it was all worth it is, in fact, an understatement.:-)

So, this is just one of the few favorite beaches added to my list.


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