time to get skin tanned this summer

The temperature is getting hotter and some schools are already done with their commencement exercises this month. Shopping malls and department stores have already displayed their swimming gears and attires for sale. These are indeed obvious signs that summer is here. Most of us are already looking forward to enjoying a summer vacation alone or with family and friends, aren't we? The scorching heat of summer is calling. It's definitely time to get our skin tanned (or burnt, if you skip the sunscreen ritual).

So, how do you plan on enjoying your summer vacation? Where are you headed? Are you going to swim at a beach or at a pool resort? If it were all up to me, I would most likely prefer the beach because I don't know how to swim. I'll probably just stay where the water is not too high. Swimming at the pool is also fine with me; provided that we go to a swimming pool resort that provides excellent service. It is not enough that it has great ambiance. It should also be able to provide their staff with quality pool supplies and equipment that should be used for cleaning and maintenance. It matters to me that I have knowledge that they clean and maintain their swimming pools on a regular basis because that's where our safety lies. My husband (who used to be my boyfriend) once suffered an ear infection because the swimming pool at a resort they went to lacked the resources for cleaning and filtering their pool water. Today, it would be hard to get him to go pool swimming. Thus, we have decided to add this activity to our shared disinterest list.:-)


  1. Yes, it's great to go to the beach or pool this summer when the temperature gets hotter. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.


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