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Didn't you realize how quickly the days go by? I began to realize that it's almost Christmas time when we officially started our Kris Kringle this month. Definitely, it’s time to buy gifts these days. It’s really fun and exciting to be receiving a little something each week. I am looking forward to the revelation part where we get to know who’s been giving us the gifts we’ve been getting each week.

Speaking of gifts, I have also been planning to give something unique as a Christmas gift to my hubby. Clueless on what to give, I started to browse online for gift ideas and this led me to seeing pictures of Tungsten Rings, particularly the wedding rings. Oh, I would have loved for us to be wearing beautifully designed wedding rings made of rare and durable metal like Tungsten to symbolize our rare and enduring love for each other; however, we already have our wedding rings because we've been married for 4 years already. So, I'll just have to suggest that my friend in the U.S. get this type of ring on her wedding day; that is, if she and her partner would want to deviate from gold or silver where wedding rings are usually made of. Hopefully, their church wedding in the Philippines pushes through next year.


  1. It's great to note that you still love your hubby very much in spite of the fact that 4 years have already elapsed since you got married. I'm sure your hubby feels the same way about you. May the Lord bless your relationship and your whole family with a life time of blissful relationship. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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