thank you grace period

Just wanted to write a quick and short note - I'm still alive. :-)

A month after this domain expired, I realized that I'm not ready to take down this blog. For some reason, I'd still want to keep this despite not being able to write updates for ages. Thanks to things like "grace period", and husband's approval, I was able to reactivate this blog with grace. Period.

Today marks the end of my blogging hiatus. Hopefully. Welcome time management. I'll take this walk through life again one day at a time. :-)

Just wondering if I still have some readers... I certainly hope so.


  1. am still here jo! lol! loyal reader. :) good to see u back.

  2. still here too sis. i was sad when i saw that your domain name already expired. glad to see you back.

  3. Glad to have you back. I remember visiting here several days back and I was sad to know the domain expired. Just glad you had it renewed :-)

  4. thank you, ladies.. I promise to drop by more frequently on your blogs..


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