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Lately, we have been getting a lot of calls from representatives of different banks. Some of them wanted to talk to me while the others wanted to talk to my husband. I wonder where they got our names and telephone number. Perhaps they got it from a telephone directory or from the bills that were sent to us. It could be from raffle coupon forms that we have religiously filled up at the malls hoping we would get lucky. Could it be possible that some establishments would sell customer information to these banks? Anyway, these bank representatives were calling us for one purpose; and that is to tell us that we are qualified to avail of personal loans. Personally, I was really surprised how confident they were to offer us this type of loan when they do not even know yet if we are capable of paying them back.

To be really honest, it looks really tempting to avail of a loan because we could use it for house improvement and other important things. To rely on our salaries from working online wouldn’t be enough to carry out these projects. I told my husband that it would probably take forever for us to accomplish our plans. However, he would be quick to remind me that we are not in a race to become rich. He said that we would rather live a happy and simple life than end up burdened with unnecessary debts which could potentially take a toll on our relationship. I couldn’t agree more. I would probably consider getting a loan if the money would be used for business.


  1. Your husband is right. Your family should not be overburdened by amortizations from unnecessary loans. It is best to just live within your means and have peace of mind. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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