just an ordinary Monday update

Happy Monday, everyone!

Life had been extremely busy that I missed to update this blog as often as I would have loved to. As usual. I thought I could fit blogging regularly but I guess I will not push myself too hard on this itinerary anymore. Hopefully, I can manage to at least update and do some blog hopping on a weekly basis. We'll see.

No matter how busy I get these days, though, I am still loving life. Stress won't defeat us if we believe that there's a God who can lighten all our burdens. If there's anything heavy that I was not able to address yet at this point in time, that would have to be my weight. Even my husband would remind me to exercise more or I might be able to make myself an eligible candidate for the second season of Biggest Loser: Pinoy Edition. It's not funny but he's right, though. So, I won't complain anymore if I hear anyone telling me the obvious that I'm getting bigger. The truth hurts, indeed; but if that's what it takes to get me to do something about it, then I'd gladly welcome pain!

I look forward to the time when I would be comfortable to have pictures of me taken. Right now, though, I'll have to be content with just the head part of me shown. :-)

Or better yet, don't focus the camera on me. :-)

Goodness, got caught eating again!


  1. hi jo. miss u here. it's been a while. don't worry we have the same problem, haha! i'm getting bigger as well, lol! but im trying to do something about it. i hope i can sustain it. im back to doing treadmills. haay, i hope id lose weight soon. kafaet sa life, hahaha! anyway, what kept u busy man diay? big na kaau c dipdip. soon ul have a dalagita na.

  2. glad to see you back sis. one post a month ain't bad, i think... LOL!

    hope you're doing good despite all the stress. i also have a problem with my my weight right now. it's actually still the same but i developed some salbabida in the mid-section. it might be because it's summer here and we usually go swimming - i need a salbabida. hehehe.


  3. Try drinking a glass of cold water laced with 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 tbsp of honey after every meal. That will help dissolve fats and toxins in your body. You can also try the after six diet popularized before by Christine Jacob. You can eat anything you want before 6 pm but nothing after that until your breakfast the next day. Of course regular exercise and drinking lots of liquid (water and natural juices)will further help you in reducing. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. Good to see you back online! Don't worry too much about your weight. It shows you're happy and content :) I exercised everyday for about 2 months but didn't lose weight. When I stopped stressing about it and made healthy food choices, can you believe I'm now within 3 lbs of my pre pregnancy weight.


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