not yet done with summer

I am already excited to pay my hometown San Carlos City (Negros Occidental) a visit because I haven't been back there for ages since our family already moved here in Cebu. Time to check on my calendar for this itinerary. I told my husband I need to find some time to show him and our daughter what our hometown looks like. I thought we deserve to spend at least a day or two in one of those beautifully developed resorts and beaches there. I can only imagine myself waiting for my cold drinks, sitting on a beautiful outdoor lounge chair and enjoying the breath of fresh air. Oh, and did I mention taking a dip in the water, too?

Summer or not, we're going to make a splash. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I get to spend it with my in-laws at Aloguinsan. Not good with geography but it's in the southern part of Cebu. I don't know which resort in Aloguinsan we are heading but I hope to get good pictures so I can share it here on my blog. Sadly, I am still stuck with this old camera - can't part with it yet but I hope to get a good replacement soon. If only cameras are part of our priority expense. Sigh! Anyway, it's going to be fun with or without pictures to document any itinerary.

Yay, it's time to catch up for summer fun. Let it rain but I am definitely not yet done with summer!


  1. It has been raining here in Cebu since yesterday. Whew!

    Enjoy your summer rain or shine! :)

    I am using the URL of my new blog. It is still very new so I am very much excited. Hope you could visit and follow me there! Thanks. :)

  2. Happy mother's day Joanna...hope you have a great time at your in-laws place....Me too, I'm still stuck with an old cam , and I'd been saving up for a new one----this time a DSLR


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