just another summer post

I'd like to further affirm my declaration that I am not yet done with summer by putting up another post about it. Yes, I am so not over it yet. In fact, this cover song Summer Breeze from Jason Mraz just keeps playing over and over my head and I am still not tired of it.

Not all episodes of last song syndrome irritates me. At least not this one. I think it is possible to have a very long but relaxing trip when you're listening to beautiful songs like this. Okay, probably anything from Jason Mraz (and John Mayer...).

Okay.. here's the song I am talking about...


  1. Jason Mraz is just perfect to listen to in summer isn't he. Always sounds so laid back and relaxing, happy summertime chill out sounds.

  2. Summer Breeze is a beautiful song that is always associated with summer. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. nice song sis. long time no buzz dito ah... how's life?


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