the resilient woman is back :-)

Okay, so I failed again. I failed to be be back from the blogging hiatus earlier as I promised I would. Somehow, I misappropriated my return to the blogging world but, hey, please spread the word out - the resilient woman is back :-)

Now I understand why one of my blogger friends chose to quit the blogging world to prioritize other more important things like taking care of her toddler, her family, and her studies. I don't blame her. As for me, though, I really have no plans of leaving the blogging world for good. I am resilient. This is why I keep coming back. :-)

Anyway, I'll just let you in on my past activities that have kept me busy.

Aside from work, parenting has kept me and my husband busy. Yes, weekends especially. We make sure that we have time to bond with our toddler who just turned two years old last March.

Yes, she has already entered her second year and so far, she's been a little harder to handle. Quite an attention seeker!

Let me share to you our bonding time with my little girl at SM.

My sister lied to the attendant that she's already over 3 years old so she would be able to try that little pony ride. Good thing she didn't ask for a birth certificate. Anyway, even though we broke the rules, she was well looked after. :-)

Enjoying her ride

This is another ride. My sister rode with her.
Her mama forgot about the calories...
Here's our family picture attending a general assembly of our homeowner's association. At the risk of stating the obvious, it looks like I got very busy putting on more weight as well. :-)

This is the part where I would say goodnight for now. :-)


  1. No biggie, the boys like something to hold onto. :P

    We took my 12 year old brother to this junior golf thing the other day, and he was asked for his date of birth to prove his age. He didn’t know it. :/ Cue the rest of us standing around looking embarrassed as the attendant probably thinks we tried to coach him into lying or something.

  2. belated happy birthday Dipdip (did i spell it right?). looks like she really enjoyed her pony ride.

    welcome back to the blogging world sis. i'm like you, in-and-out sa blogworld. family first kasi.


  3. Happy Birthday to the little one! Time really flies doesn't it? Seems like only a couple months ago that these toddlers where benign babies who were happy just being fed and cuddled. Toddlerhood brings new challenges but it's a lotta fun :)


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