his eyeglasses as a necessary expense

As far as I can remember, my husband has been wearing prescription glasses ever since the first day I saw him in the same office we were working before. Some people who would talk about him would actually refer to him as the "guy with eyeglasses" when they would forget his name but I must say, though, that even then, I already knew there's something more to him than just being that "guy wearing eyeglasses". I guess it just can't be helped that his eyeglasses are already part of his personality. He's been wearing them since college. More importantly, he just can't leave the house, face the computer, or read books without them.

Incidentally, some time this year, he said goodbye to his old pair and bought a new one. We thought it could last for another year before he would be able to buy his next one. It was like our little girl decided it when she grabbed the eyeglasses while he was carrying her and just let the pair fall to the ground. Anyway, we can't do anything about it but let it go. The one in charge at the optical shop said repairing it would cost almost just like new. More importantly, he badly needed to wear one as soon as possible because he definitely can't see well without eyeglasses. He needs his prescription eyewear especially when he's driving his motorcycle out in the road or when he is working online.

Certainly, his eyewear will always be a necessary expense that we can't put off when it needs replacement. Unfortunately, we just noticed that the price of prescription eyeglasses at the nearest optical shops are getting too pricey these days that I told my husband we need to try buying his next pair of glasses online.

Online shopping is already the trend nowadays and that certainly includes shopping for eyewear. Buying prescription glasses online shouldn't be a problem for him because he already knows what specifics to enter into his order (his prescription type, pupillary distance, etc.).

We'll be asking mother-in-law as well in case she wants to upgrade to a new pair to make the most out of the shipping cost.

As for me, even though it's quite tempting to buy fashionable plano eyeglasses for myself, I guess I'll have to be content with not having found the need to wear one just yet. :-)


  1. oh, it reminds me that i need a new pair as well. i tried contracts but i didn't like it, lol!

  2. Certainly your hubby needs a replacement for his broken eyeglasses especially since he drives a motorcycle. That there is a cheaper alternative in an online store is a welcome development. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. Haven't tried purchasing online though. But, hope those pair of glasses is of high quality. :)

    I made a special mention to you in my latest blog.


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