got my first book from booksneeze

I thought I'd wait forever but when the mailman came to our home two weeks ago to tell me I have a little package to receive, I knew it came from I've long been expecting this free book because I had asked for it last year in exchange for an honest review but, for some reason, I was informed that the book was sent back to them. Thankfully, after confirming to them my home address, they had promised to send it back. So now the book is already in my hands.

Anyway, this book entitled "Living Life In The Zone" came right on time for Holy Week. To recall, I asked for a free copy of it so I can also give it to my husband as a gift. :-) Anyway, it's conjugal property now. Even though this is intentionally written for men, I have also found the time to read it but only when he's already done reading it for the day. So far, I did find the first few parts of the book to be a good read. I'll definitely be back to write about my review of this book, including that of my husband's.

Me and my husband can't wait to finish reading this book. I hope to be able to write my review pretty soon so that I can already request for another one. Hopefully, they have a book for my toddler, too! :-)


  1. oh really! wow.. a free book? how can i do that??

  2. hi kimmy.. just go to the site of booksneeze and you'll find the details on how to avail books for free. :-)

  3. That sure is a nice book! I've been out in the blogging world for more than a month. Just want to inform you that my new blog address now is . If you have any links redirected to my blog, you can now update it with this new URL. Thank you very much! Hope everything is well with you, Meretrisha.

  4. @zach: thanks! so your site address has changed. will surely update the links here and visit it now.


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