wordless wednesday: the old rundown house

Memories from our old home. Ahhhh... Nostalgia! And the rats said, "Who moved our cheese?"


  1. Speaking of old homes, I actually love to stay in those kinds of houses surrounded with verdant tress and grasses. Feels like life is serene. :)

  2. It looks like an ancestral house indeed and deep in the woods. The ambiance there is really rural. Did you live in this house before? You must have wonderful memories living here. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. The picture on your post evokes in me a feeling of deja vu.

    Because when I was a kid till my adolescent years I lived in a house surrounded by trees, with a big compound. The cicadas sung every nights; there were birds chirping on the narra, santol, mahogany, and mango trees surrounding our house. I had even fun eating chicos and santol, and climbing in coconut trees.

    Those happy memories living close to nature are still with me. Even though I live now in the commercial area in Bacolod, I still want to go back to my childhood home and be with nature, where life was simpler and fun.

  4. @junezach/mel/eli: thanks. yes, the picture you just saw is an old home. it looks eerie because no one was really looking after it like we did before. indeed, life was simpler back then.

  5. looking at this pic reminded me of our house when i was still younger (until about 10 years old). we lived in a bungalow made of wood/bamboo and the roof was made of nipa. nang binagyo yung bahay namin at nasira ang mga bubong, pinagawa na lang na sementado lahat then made of yero na ang roof. nice to reminisce those days....

  6. This house reminds me of our house too but ours was smaller and more "native"--made of nipa and bamboo. We had a picture of it in B/W but I can't seem to find it anymore since we moved a lot of times.


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