The Untold Love At First Sight Story

This is my post-valentine treat - an untold story from the past. Was it love at first sight for me? You decide. :-)

I just had my successful job interview with the owner and CEO of the company that day. So, when I told a good friend of mine who was already working there ahead of me that I was already shaking hands with the CEO and got the job I was applying for, he happily toured me around the department to get the feel of the office where I would soon become a part of.

It was an "unofficial" tour because it's actually HR's task to welcome and introduce me as the newest addition to the work force. Anyway, looking back now, I was really glad my friend toured me around that day because that day happens to be the first time I caught sight of the man that I didn't know would become my husband three years later. :-)

The first time I saw him, he wouldn't even look up because he was very busy and seemed too preoccupied with computer-related tasks that he actually didn't mind that a visitor was inside the office. Because of that, I instantly took notice of him - the looks, his eyewear, and how shy I think he was! Man, I thought I heard a song playing and birds happily chirping in the background. For a moment there, I already felt that unexplainable feeling in my heart. Strangely, I felt some kind of connection to him. At that time, it felt like he looks just like the future husband I envisioned to look like. However, my good friend told me that he's already "taken" and in some kind of a long-term relationship.

So, instantly I came back to my senses and totally dismissed that happy feeling in my heart. But little did I know, things just fell into place. I believe God was preparing him to become my husband three years later. I realized now that "Destiny is real" and we did not just invent it. :-)


  1. Ganda naman the story....yup God knows what's best for us and He prepared him for you. Hope your Valentine's day was great.

  2. Why is it these stories are always like “Oh I instantly felt a connection from the moment we met, it was fate!” and not “He seemed like one of thousands of unnoticeable corporate drones, but then slowly I began to realize there’s a sweet person under there.”

  3. Ganda naman! This is definitely destiny at its best. God cooked up nothing but the best for you and yeah, it's for real. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I believe in destiny. :)
    Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it with us! :D

  5. kaloka ang isang nagpost ng comment sa itaas sis... hehe...

    anyway, i enjoyed reading this one... waiting for the next chapter...


  6. wow i am super kilif with this post, congrats for finding finally the man you share in your life. Im happy to hear that sometimes fairy tales came true. Youre story proves that.

  7. Wow naman, this is a beautiful love story. You seem to have a premonition that he will become your future husband the first you saw him. Call that female intuition. And even if he already has a long time relationship during that time, God work out the details for you two to become eventually husband and wife. Call that destiny and the fruition of God's purpose in your lives. Thanks for the romantic post. God bless you all always.


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