our first kilig/sweet moments

The love month is here. Hello February! You're reading an entry for Couples Corner and I am supposed to talk about our first kilig/sweet, exciting moments.Love, love, love! Hmmm, a trip down memory lane is indeed a good way to prevent Alzheimer's, isn't it?

Care to know our first "kilig", sweet and exciting moments within our getting to know you better stage?

I recalled those times when a common officemate friend would tell me he's been asking for more information and facts about me, including my mobile phone number! My inexperienced heart went chug! chug! when I learned all about it. Thoughts and questions were already running in my head. Is he really interested? Does he really like me? Or does he just want me to become his textmate? I think he is interested. Oh, I know I needed to be careful in dealing with men.  He started sending me friendly messages through YM which he never did before and I would secretly reply back so as not to cause a stir. LOL. For me, I found it exciting that we tried to get to know each other better without letting everyone else know 'cept for two common friends.

So, when we officially became bf-gf, he sort of just surprised everyone (including me) when he gave me flowers in the office so we wouldn't have to hide anything from them anymore. It's like a statement from him that we're officially lovers. No, it's not a KC and Piolo love story and I'm definitely not insinuating that it is! :-)

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  1. wow, kakakilig naman... no need to be KC-Piolo story. for sure mas okey ang story niyo kasi nasa happily ever after stage na kayo... sila, to see is to believe? hehehe....

  2. Yan ang mga kilig moments na na mi miss ko, wahhhh! yung mag exhange ng messages secretly, tapos napapangiti habang binabasa ang messages nya, d mo i delete, babalik balikan, ahahayyy! I am glad you ccan join us this week.. hope to see more entries.. RodLiz

  3. Hi Trisha

    Thanks for the reminder. I better not forget to buy my wife a card and flowers or I'm in BIG trouble! :-)

    Take care and have a great day :-)


  4. Your love story validates the universal feeling that in this world there is no greater magic than love.

    Indeed, to love and be loved in return is the greatest thing in the world. And as the poet Alfred Tennyson said:"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

    In your case, you did not lost in love, but found a lover and husband as well. May your love lasts a lifetime and through eternity!

  5. I love the early stages of a budding relationship. It's all kilig moments talaga :)

  6. as they say, mas nakakakilig ang patago. officemates din pala kayo, parang kami ni hubby ko. that's sweet.

    btw, i am not following you. happy CC!

  7. kakakilig naman mga times when you exchange YM msgs...hihihi!
    My CC This Week

  8. re: my comment...

    i meant their "happily ever after" part... wink!

  9. Kilig to the bones naman. There can never be a more beautiful feeling than to love and be loved in return.

    Keep the love burning!

  10. hello.. nice coming by here.. can you drop me an email? Something to share about reviews..


  11. that was so cute... like teenagers keeping something a secret, lol!

  12. i can only imagine how the YM messages went hihihi --- kung naa pa ko didto sa pagkahitabo --- ambot lang! ambot lang jud! hehehe -- so happy for you jo and stephen ....

  13. @mommy liz: thanks to couple's corner. i got to reminisce the good old days
    @old geezer: you're welcome. :-)
    @eli: thanks. i believe he is God-given :-)
    @jellybelly: right. you'd feel like you're "walking on sunshine" :-)
    @rossel/jona: you have nice sweet/kilig stories, too. thanks for checking out my entry.
    @gee: okay hehehe. yeah, they've to work on it.
    @lainy: thanks. you, too. soon you will be a mrs. :-)
    @reanaclaire: thanks for the visit.
    @soulful: yeah, that was crazy hehe
    @pearl: hello master pearl. so good to hear from you again. yeah, i wished you were there to witness it. i could have sought your advice at that time, too. anyway, i think it was the best decision i've made - the decision to love. LOL.


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