getting nocturnal but not insomniac

I'm getting quite unusually nocturnal these days. There are really times when I love to work on a graveyard shift even when I'm at home. No, I'm not an insomniac. It's just that my body clock sometimes changes. Yes, this doesn't happen very often. Why is this so? Well maybe this has something to do with my previous work experience before when I was still connected with a data processing company which operated 24 hours each day of the working week. Yes, it was a long time ago 2-year experience with a graveyard shift assignment in the corporate world.

I had no problem with that night shift assignment. In fact, I was one of those who had volunteered for it. Along with some of my officemate/friends, we were the pioneer shift for our department at that time. I realized it wasn't really hard to be working on a night shift at that time because:

1. I was still very much single (no husband or baby to think about), although this made me less visible around the dating world. :-)

2. I was with wonderful friends. So it wasn't really just work, it was fun, too!

I'm with some friends who have pioneered night sift

3. Whenever there are errands to do that had to be done at daytime, I can always squeeze that in before I would call "bedtime" for myself.

4. There's an extra pay (hazard or night differential) when you're working at night, although I wouldn't say it was really compensating.

Overall, it wasn't that hard to work on a night shift especially when you're working alongside with wonderful friends. If there's a down side to it- it was the fact that sometimes you just can't sleep soundly during daytime because the neighborhood just won't cooperate. Just because they're awake doesn't mean that everybody's awake. That was just a little irritating for me when they wouldn't lower the volume of their laughter or the volume of their karaoke system. Add to that, my sleep can sometimes be interrupted because of the sun's glaring heat that I would wish it would rain during the day so I can sleep well. Thankfully, it didn't came to a point where I was sleep deprived. Looking back now, I wish I had thought of getting vertical blinds that at that time so that I can prevent the heat and rays of the sun from getting into my bedroom where I would have enjoyed my sleep more.

My being on a night shift before can be described as "almost" or "nearly" effortless. Thanks to coffee, multivitamins, friends, the love for work and some sufficient hours of sleep, we had successfully turned nights into days. I just can't do without these on my list even when it's a daytime job assignment.


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