the first time he said he loves me

When we were still dating, I got almost all of my "I love you's" from him through text messages. Yes, he's not really the vocally expressive type. I asked him why and his explanation was that it's a little awkward for him when he would say that in person because even in their own home and even when members of their family are all close to one another, they wouldn't say I Love You personally to each other. Then I told him that it's time that he express himself well vocally without feeling awkward about it. I don't remember exactly when it was. It started with me saying this to him first where I would get the "I Love You, Too" back and then gradually he would just surprise me with those words without me having to say (or suggest?) it first.

Oh, I hope you didn't think I was the one who gave him a hint that I was interested in him. No, not at all. It's just that he had his own way of courting a girl. In fact, I remember the first time he had talked to me about his intentions, he tried to tell me in a shy kind of way why he likes me (which seemed justifiable, ahem!) and wants to be my boyfriend. Ironically, even with the shy approach, he had made sure I understood that he wants a serious relationship that would eventually lead to marriage if our personalities get along and that we should not waste each other's time if I had no thoughts of a serious relationship, or making it work, or getting married one day. Like most of the entries I've read so far, he's had a serious relationship before me but unfortunately (and thankfully, LOL), it didn't work for the both of them. :-)

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  1. naks ha, ayaw mo pang umamin na ikaw ang nanligaw eh... hehe... joke!!!!


  2. Nice story. There are really just some people who are not verbally expressive and prefer to show love through their actions. But it's still nice to hear the "I love you", right? :D

    Thanks for commenting on my CC entry too. :D I'm one of your new followers now.

  3. @gee: hehehe.. conservative ang lola mo po. :-)
    @janice: thanks for following. i'll return the favor. :-)

  4. wew!..hehehe..good at napasunod mo rin..hheheh..

    iba-iba talaga bawat tao ang sytle expressing thier love..and it doesnt mean someones not saying I love verbally hindi ka na nya love..pero its a plus factor talaga if it says

    isa rin ako sa mga super gf before..but with the last relationship i had i learn a lot of things and dun ako naging cheesy..kaya ito ngayon napanis..hahaha..

    good for you sis!

  5. I thought all men had that problem. We just don't want to hand it out like candy. :P

  6. Their loss is your gain. You are meant for each other that's why his previous relationship didn't work. Baka ang mga Pinoy eh di talaga pala sabi ng I love you's, kasi ang mga puti, normal na sa kanila eh, di ba?

  7. he learned from you and now you're having all of those I love you's haha :D
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  8. gikilig ko sa love story dah, hehe. happy valentines day jo.

  9. Yes, there are guys who are very shy and feel so awkward to say I love you. It must be his upbringing, that their family were not the expressive type. But he communicated to you in his own shy ways his intentions for you. And you ended up with each other in spite of the fact that he had a long time relationship with another. That's destiny and the unfolding of the will of God in your lives. Thanks for the romantic post. God bless you all always.


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