when are we going back to the basics of life?

It's Monday. Happy day, everyone! I'd like to share a wonderful song I just discovered today. It's called "The Basics Of Life".  I feel like the message of the song is very timely because of what is already happening in our world today - so much chaos, so much war, so much crime, and so many other things that most of us do that no longer conform to what God originally wants for us to do. Well, let me know if you liked the message of the song.


  1. Very nice song. touchy. Oo nga.... we need to go back to the basics of life.

  2. Yes, the message of the song is correct. We have to go back to the basics of life, the life that we have twisted and turned around to suit our own philosophies in life. Going back to basics also mean going back to God. Thanks for the meaningful post. God bless you all always.

  3. The song was wonderful, and its message is superb. Going to the basics is what we and the world need today, in view of global warming due to destruction of the environment as a result of man's greed. We need to rethink our priorities, reduce and moderate our greed, and ensure that our children and their children's children can still inherit the beautiful earth that God has given us to live.

    If we are religious, going back to the basics means coming back to our Creator like a Prodigal Son, and practice the virtue of love - love God and love one another has the Lord has commanded us.

    It is the complexities of modern life that weigh us down, giving us a lot of stress. As the saying goes, how much simpler and easier life was when Apple and Blackberry were still fruits!

    On a more personal vein, thank you for the blog award. You're very nice and kind. -:)


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