they call him human karaoke machine

Just recently, I saw photos of my Tito Manny (my late mom's brother, one of the characters mentioned in  fascinated with words post) in Facebook. All I can say was, "Wow! He's in the news!"

This photo is courtesy of my cousin's girlfriend
As far as the photo goes, he is holding a write-up about him where he's called a "human karaoke machine". Well, it's basically because he performs and entertains as a one-man band. I wish I have a copy of that paper. I tried to search for it online and I was able to read it only from Google's cache because the link was no longer working. I think I'll have to pay a few dollars to be able to read and print a copy of it. Anyway, I think I very well know his story, especially his humble beginnings. After all, he's my uncle!. :-)

Hmmm.. would you believe he's already 50? Anyway, he doesn't look like he is.

Just a proud niece! :-)


  1. Congratulations. Your uncle is really versatile to be able to be published like that. Hope you can get the write up so that you can post it here. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. thanks brother mel.. i guess i'm not allowed to post the contents anywhere verbatim. thanks for the visit

  3. Wow! I suddenly thought of Mike Hanopol while reading this post :)

  4. I didn't know there was a human karaoke he your uncle? Gifted he is.

  5. @jellybelly/bingkee: this is a late reply already. thanks. indeed, he is gifted with such talents in singing and playing with musical instruments. for me, he is a complete music package.


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