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January is almost over but it looks like I just started to realize I haven't been writing much around here. I know I haven't been updating this blog on a regular basis but I just can't get out of this "busy" mode still since the start of the New Year. Anyway, I guess I should be able to catch up now. I hope to write at least two updates a week and visit back my blogging friends who also took the time to visit me here. I think this would be a good setup for the time being. Reminds me, I have yet to post my Lovely Blog Awards (and my Mashkan awards!) before this month ends.

Anyway, I was talking to a blogger friend the other day and asked me if I ever thought of hosting this blog to wordpress. I thought, it would be cool to be blogging in a wordpress platform but I need to research first if it's possible to retain the PR I just earned back from G this January in case I'd consider transferring my three-year-old blog to a wordpress web host. Any experts reading here have a suggestion? Besides, I'm still learning wordpress, I just might screw some things up. I can't risk this three-year old blog just yet.

Speaking of PR, I think it's well worth mentioning here that I thought I'd wait forever for an update especially because I haven't been writing and updating much but strangely and surprisingly, my good friend search engine G has been very kind to me this year when he brought back the PR to this blog plus another bonus PR to Our Life As Parents. Whatever I did (I guess I'm learning or probably just lucky) to deserve this gift from search engine G, I am just so thankful. I hope I won't lose it this time because I know G also has the power to take it back! :-)


  1. Re: your question: "is it's possible to retain the PR I just earned back from G this January in case I'd consider transferring my three-year-old blog to a wordpress web host?"

    The answer is YES. Google page rank, which currently you have a PR 2, is based on the popularity of a page in your blog, and has nothing to do with the blogging plattorm you use. Google PR is also not based on your blog, but is determined, as I've mentioned, on the popularity of a page on your blog, as Google sees it, as measured by the number of links (incoming links) to a page.

    The more incoming links you have, the higher is the popularity, Page Rank being a function of incoming links. I have published some articles on this topic on my blog, as well as tips on how to be on page 1 of search engines results page (SERP, especially on the SERP of Google, which accounts for 70% of all search traffic on the web.

    Hope this helps.

  2. @eli: thanks for sharing your ideas. i'll do check out your posts about this.

  3. Here's the link to my blog post on the topic of page rank. Google Page Rank: Is it important to you and your blog? Just copy paste on your browser:


  4. Eli explained it well. He is right about the PR. :)

    Just wondering why my comment on your other post "new year, new life!" has not shown up. :)

  5. Ohhh my bad! It is actually under moderation that's why. LOL

  6. @eli: thanks. i've checked out the link to article and i must commend you for sharing your knowledge. looks like this blog needs a lot of work. you are definitely a guru.
    @june: thanks! sorry for the moderation, by the way. moderated this for awhile to prevent the influx of spam. :-) will get back to previous setting when the coast is clear :-)

  7. Hi June Zach (Zach June). Thanks for your kind words. Actually you and meretrisha can speak the same language - the Cebuano dialect, because Meretrisha is from the beautiful and vibrant city of San Carlos, Negros Occidental, where the language spoken is Cebuano.

    So you can perfectly understand each other. I sometimes go to San Carlos City from Bacolod via the wonderful mountain road of Salvador Benedicto.

    June Zach, when you plan to visit San Carlos City which is 2 hours by ferry from Cebu, please inform me so that we can join meretrisha for lunch or coffee there in her place. That is, if she is willing to meet the two of us. -:)

  8. @eli: actually, i already live in cebu now. :-) i was born and raised in san carlos city. dad found a new job in medellin when the sugar milling in SCC declared bankruptcy. never had the chance to come back to my native land after that. SCC is progressive now, though. it looks like the city has moved on well even without us. i hope to visit there with my husband and daughter soon :-)
    anyway, it looks like junezach is here in cebu as well? i suggest you should be the one to come over here. maybe you guys can organize a meetup for fellow bloggers in cebu.

  9. merethisha, oh, didn't know that you are now a resident of Cebu- Cebu City I guess, because there is also the Cebu Province.

    I understand June Zach is based in Cebu City now. I think he is originally from Bohol. June Zach and I first met when we were members of Entrecard, where our respective blogs were on the Top 5 of the most popular blogs in all categories of 40,000 blogs. But that was past.

    I left Entrecard a year ago, and June Zach left later, about 5 months past. Then we became friends on Facebook, he being a nice guy.

    We bloggers from Negros Occidental, mostly Bacolod-based, have the Negros Bloggers Club, with our own website. We gather from time to time. We even organized forums and discussions with resource persons.

    You can join us online. I will give you the link soon, as I still have to check if the site is updated. The Negros Bloggers Club has also a page on FB.

  10. Hey merethisha and Eli!

    Eli is right. My native land is Bohol but I am currently residing in Cebu now. I would love to meet the both of you. Hope we could find the time. :D

  11. @junezach/eli: yeah, hopefully soon! so busy these days. not in cebu city, too. just cebu province.


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