It's Sinulog 2011 Celebration in Cebu

It's always been said that here in Cebu, Christmas celebration is somewhat extended because of the Sinulog celebration. Well, I did notice that. Even tourists and visitors from other cities and countries flock to Cebu to be a part of this celebration.

Time was when I was one of those people crowding the Fuente Osmeña Circle. I've also watched the Sinulog Grand Mardi Gras live thrice within my single years. I didn't mind how much a ticket would cost me as long as I am seated properly and I can watch every Sinulog contingent/participant well. Then afterwards I would get to watch the impressive fireworks presentation for a few minutes. It was fun because I am part of a lively and happy crowd but when it's time to go home, it's a little disappointing and exasperating when you can't easily get a good ride back home.

Today, while everyone is busy visiting the Sto. Niño church and out in the Sinulog streets, we choose to stay where we are. We will be going to church today just within our municipality to attend the usual Sunday mass to thank the Lord for all the graces and blessings we have received. When we get home after church, we will just watch the live television coverage of the Sinulog 2011 Grand Mardi Gras because we don't think it would be a good idea to bring a less than two year old toddler out in a crowded place and just hope that it won't rain. Besides, we are also saving up for a rainy day! :-)

Happy Sinulog everyone!


  1. I never had been to Sinulog but my mother used to visit Cebu for this feast yearly. Now she's in the US for almost 7 years and she no longer does it.
    I am not Catholic but I still want to go just to see it.

  2. I've been to Sinulog a long time ago, 1990 I think. Tiring but we enjoyed it.

  3. i haven't been to a sinulog festival. i haven't even watched the dinagyang live in iloilo city.

    we've been lucky that a judging station was always put up in front of our store in Antique because we get the chance to see the binirayan without obstruction from the second floor of the store).

  4. @bingkee: yes, me too - i'd love to have not missed the mardi gras. but anyway, it was raining too. so i guess, we were just meant to be where we were at that time. LOL.
    @jellybelly: you should come back and watch next year :-)
    @gee: i've watched dinagyang only via television coverage but this year i don't think there was a video airing/coverage for it. binirayan sounds new to me but sounds cool. i'll look it up and inquire from our friendly search engine G :-)


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