Monday, January 31, 2011

when are we going back to the basics of life?

It's Monday. Happy day, everyone! I'd like to share a wonderful song I just discovered today. It's called "The Basics Of Life".  I feel like the message of the song is very timely because of what is already happening in our world today - so much chaos, so much war, so much crime, and so many other things that most of us do that no longer conform to what God originally wants for us to do. Well, let me know if you liked the message of the song.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

new year, new life!

There's really no stopping January to end soon. Yay, Valentine's Day month, almost! So now I need to get out of this blogging hiatus fast and catch up with my last two posts for January. By the way, my rock star brother turned supervisor celebrated his birthday on the 26th while a DG BFF is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday to the both of you, J and J!

I promised myself to devote a post for my New Year's resolution before January ends. I've written this last year but I still haven't executed some of them. I had this saved in our computer so I think my husband had been all over this list and probably laughing, too, because there are just some of them that I couldn't bring myself to start doing. My analysis? If it's anything related to doing something for myself, it would seem like, procrastination is my best friend. Oh, I hope not!

Okay, I really don't want to come up with too lengthy post about me and my New Year's resolution. :-) I'd probably just mention some parts on the list that I really want done consistently and regularly this year and moving forward:

1. To read the Bible "regularly", at least one chapter a day, for my spiritual nourishment. I already started doing this last year but I slipped again because I got caught up with a lot of things. Sorry, Lord!

2. Re-think on my diet, exercise and lose weight. Again and again and again. My oh my, how can I get out of this weight when I have broken all rules of diet and exercise? Time to review my friends' advice on losing weight. Hmmm, I've been reading FB status updates from friends doing Zumba fitness. I wonder what that looks like. Is it really effective? Hmmm, will google in a bit!

Was on dinner date with hubby. In fairness, I chose vegetables!
3. Get hair fixed. They say our hair is our crowning glory but in my case, I could get dethroned for it. Even my sister calls it "Chaka!" Trust me, you wouldn't want a "Chaka" hair. But my husband doesn't mind the Chaka, as long I don't spend too much to get it done. LOL. Go figure! :-)

Hair is one of my weak points.

Those are just three things on my resolution list. I hope to add more to this post but this will have to do for now. Happy Sunday, everyone!

Friday, January 28, 2011

january blogging updates

January is almost over but it looks like I just started to realize I haven't been writing much around here. I know I haven't been updating this blog on a regular basis but I just can't get out of this "busy" mode still since the start of the New Year. Anyway, I guess I should be able to catch up now. I hope to write at least two updates a week and visit back my blogging friends who also took the time to visit me here. I think this would be a good setup for the time being. Reminds me, I have yet to post my Lovely Blog Awards (and my Mashkan awards!) before this month ends.

Anyway, I was talking to a blogger friend the other day and asked me if I ever thought of hosting this blog to wordpress. I thought, it would be cool to be blogging in a wordpress platform but I need to research first if it's possible to retain the PR I just earned back from G this January in case I'd consider transferring my three-year-old blog to a wordpress web host. Any experts reading here have a suggestion? Besides, I'm still learning wordpress, I just might screw some things up. I can't risk this three-year old blog just yet.

Speaking of PR, I think it's well worth mentioning here that I thought I'd wait forever for an update especially because I haven't been writing and updating much but strangely and surprisingly, my good friend search engine G has been very kind to me this year when he brought back the PR to this blog plus another bonus PR to Our Life As Parents. Whatever I did (I guess I'm learning or probably just lucky) to deserve this gift from search engine G, I am just so thankful. I hope I won't lose it this time because I know G also has the power to take it back! :-)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

is facebook selling user-generated content to advertisers?

Are you a Facebook user? Have you reviewed the way you control or share information on this social network giant?

I'm sure you are already aware that Facebook is not just there to give us all the perks of providing leisure and fun time for us to keep up with friends, share photos and videos, or play the many online games that are there to steal minutes or hours of our time.

Yes, Facebook makes money too - from sponsors and advertisers. In fact, I heard they are capitalizing on user-generated content as well. They can make money from our simple activities on the site such as "liking" brands or products or even check-ins to stores when advertisers would pay for such content to be published so that it becomes an effective form of word-of-mouth advertising.

If you haven't noticed it yet, look through the "Sponsored" part of your Facebook page to the right. More often than not, you would see the name of your friend "liking" a brand, company, or website. They're not paying your friend to advertise for such brand, company, or website but most likely they are making money from it. Some people find it an unfair practice; but if you ask me, I'm neutral on this because 1) nothing's for free anymore; and 2) if I'm going to have a business of my own one day, I would look forward to more "likes" on my page, too!  :-)

If you are one of those people whose privacy means a great deal to you, you have to think about:

1. Reviewing the Privacy Guide of Facebook;
2. Review your privacy settings to make sure that you have controlled the way you share your information and tweak it a bit to your liking and preference;
3. Adding only people you know to your network;
4. Not giving too much information, especially your financial information.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's Sinulog 2011 Celebration in Cebu

It's always been said that here in Cebu, Christmas celebration is somewhat extended because of the Sinulog celebration. Well, I did notice that. Even tourists and visitors from other cities and countries flock to Cebu to be a part of this celebration.

Time was when I was one of those people crowding the Fuente Osmeña Circle. I've also watched the Sinulog Grand Mardi Gras live thrice within my single years. I didn't mind how much a ticket would cost me as long as I am seated properly and I can watch every Sinulog contingent/participant well. Then afterwards I would get to watch the impressive fireworks presentation for a few minutes. It was fun because I am part of a lively and happy crowd but when it's time to go home, it's a little disappointing and exasperating when you can't easily get a good ride back home.

Today, while everyone is busy visiting the Sto. Niño church and out in the Sinulog streets, we choose to stay where we are. We will be going to church today just within our municipality to attend the usual Sunday mass to thank the Lord for all the graces and blessings we have received. When we get home after church, we will just watch the live television coverage of the Sinulog 2011 Grand Mardi Gras because we don't think it would be a good idea to bring a less than two year old toddler out in a crowded place and just hope that it won't rain. Besides, we are also saving up for a rainy day! :-)

Happy Sinulog everyone!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

they call him human karaoke machine

Just recently, I saw photos of my Tito Manny (my late mom's brother, one of the characters mentioned in  fascinated with words post) in Facebook. All I can say was, "Wow! He's in the news!"

This photo is courtesy of my cousin's girlfriend
As far as the photo goes, he is holding a write-up about him where he's called a "human karaoke machine". Well, it's basically because he performs and entertains as a one-man band. I wish I have a copy of that paper. I tried to search for it online and I was able to read it only from Google's cache because the link was no longer working. I think I'll have to pay a few dollars to be able to read and print a copy of it. Anyway, I think I very well know his story, especially his humble beginnings. After all, he's my uncle!. :-)

Hmmm.. would you believe he's already 50? Anyway, he doesn't look like he is.

Just a proud niece! :-)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

the year that was

Obviously, I've been away from the blogging world for such a long time. :-) It was like I was away for a year (line inspired by Nestea Iced Tea commercial where the cutie guy said "last week was last year!") that I didn't know what to write so I can gracefully welcome myself back. Anyway, there are no alibis explanations this time. Okay, I admit I was busy. Aside from attending to work and health concerns, we (hubby and I) made some decisions that involved our family life. All these things "and more" that I chose not to elaborate yet on this blog have kept me away from doing any blogging updates towards the end of the year.

I thought next time it would be a good and polite idea to leave some sort of a "Hiatus" message so as not to keep all my blogging friends wondering about me. I agree I'm not really good at it but for the sake of New Year's resolution, let me make it up to you next time!

Anyway, December wasn't so bad after all. We did have a Merry Christmas despite the fact that I just can't get past December 20th which was my mom's death anniversary without feeling sad and nostalgic. It's been three years since she left us. Missed her so much! Went to grandmother's and to the cemetery to light candles and bring flowers in her memory.

Another itinerary we had last December involved meeting up with our ex-officemates/friends for our annual December get-together at SM Cebu (Majestic restaurant). Sad to say though that there weren't a lot of us in attendance. Some weren't able to make it to this reunion because there are some conflicts with schedules.

Here we are!
The family turning red!

We exchanged gifts, too!
It was fun to finally catch up with people we've had the pleasure of knowing and working with in the past.

Even my daughter had a lot of fun...

...but after we spent a lot of time chatting and keeping up with everybody else, here's what had become of my daughter...

Caught yawning!
And so it was time to say goodbye...

By the way, I don't claim ownership to any of the pictures here. These were all courtesy of my ex-officemates. Thanks, guys! :-)

Friends, this is my first post for 2011. I just got back from blogging. I'll drop by your blogs later!

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