RPG Metanoia: proudly Philippine made!

For those who are into online gaming and animation, you might find this 3D animation movie "RPG Metanoia" a movie to watch for. I am not really a gamer but I would definitely look forward to watch this one, if time would permit. You see, it is so hard to be in the Cinema these days when you're already a mother of a toddler. :-)

Take a peek at RPG Metanoia's movie trailer for further details:

By the way, this is an official entry to the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival. This means that you can catch "RPG Metanoia" along with other MMFF entries in Philippine theaters on December 25, 2010. Watch it guys because this is proudly Philippine Made and it took them a lot of years and sweat to come up with this world-class 3D animation movie.


  1. Can't understand a word but the visuals show an interesting mix between magic and technology.

  2. if i were in the phils, i'd watch this just to show support to the movie and it's producers. pinoy na pinoy ang dating. may tricycle pa. hehe.

  3. @drake: hopefully, they would add english subtitles to it- once they would decide to do an international screening. :-) from what i learned, the story centers around a young boy who turns out a hero in the online gaming world called "metanoia". what's also interesting about this movie is the fact that the characters used the voices of our famous Filipino celebrities.
    @gee: that's right gee. to support the movie is a good idea. it's quite disappointing to know that some of our fellow Filipinos show signs of crab mentality.


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