Couple's Corner: What Will I Get For Christmas?

The last time he gave me something for Christmas, it was a pair of shoes (Hush Puppies). This Christmas, I am not going to expect to get anything from him because I am already aware of what our money can or cannot buy. Anyway, it goes for him as well. Everytime I would attempt to buy him a new shirt as my gift for Christmas, he would warn me not to because we have to make ends meet first. Yes, he's not the type who would agree to buy gifts from credit card. Obviously, between the two of us, he's the more frugal and practical type.

So, anyway, it's not like we're not enjoying what we currently have. In fact, he always makes sure we also have "us" times together. Everytime we're going to the ATM to get our salary, he would make sure to treat us out for lunch. So, it's already a twice a month ritual for us.

Also, just recently I am already happy that my frugal husband agreed for me to spend 350 pesos to get the zipper of my favorite old Coach bag replaced (so now, it's semi original). My aunt gave it to me when she was here in the Philippines for a visit and therefore has a sentimental value. Thanks to "Mantaring" (a leather shop) for their excellent and quality service, I will now be able to use it again. I thought at first I'm going to have to let it go but they did a good job in replacing the zipper with an almost exact replica of it.

I hope I can sneak out and go to the mall by myself so I can buy the shirt that I wanted him to wear this Christmas. It's about time that he gets something for himself, too.

One thing that's certain that we will receive this Christmas though is a whole lot of loving from each other, from our daughter Dipdip and from our respective families - and that's already beyond what money can buy and something that I'm always thankful for everyday.

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  1. oh! i think that was sweet, very responsible of your husband to always think of your basic needs, but i can imagine your frustration for not being able to get something for him this christmas. anyway, it's still early, you can still sneak out when he's busy doing something else, lol!

  2. it's ok sis. as long as you'll celebrate this season together, complete na ang christmas mo. ako din simpleng hugs ng kisses lang from my mag-ama e maligaya na ako. =)

  3. Welcome to our Couple's Corner. Ay naku, yang loving loving na yan ang pinaka importante, sometimes, di naman mahalaga ang material thing. Frugal pala hubby mo, si hubby rin, kasi may time na kapag gusto nya ang isang bagay, he would get it no matter what. Asawa ko eh binilhan ko rin ng shirt at laging nagsusuot ng luma at kupa, parang pinababayaan ng asawa, kakahiya sa nakakakita, hehehe.. Thanks for joining, I hope to see you here every week. aka. Rodliz.

    Oy, ako walang Coach bag, can't afford eh, hehehe.. ingatan mo ang sau..

  4. That's a very healthy attitude towards money. I'm not expecting any gifts as well because my partner's religion doesn't celebrate christmas. The first year though he did give me a gift :)

  5. You are fortunate to have a husband like him who is very circumspect about unnecessary spending. Anyway in gift giving, it's the thought that counts. You can give each other inexpensive but symbolic gifts expressing your love for each other. What is important is the future of your child/children. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. It's important for both couples to think twice before splurging on the non-essentials. It's OK to buy gifts but what's most important is to have the gift of love and life that you both share together as a couple.

    Thanks for sharing.


  7. I hope someday i will be able to submit an entry to this corner.. Couples corner..for now Single mom muna ako at single lady :P ..I envy reading your post guys.. :(


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