woman talk: my big lesson on comfort

One of the many things that I learned from my mom that I probably have not mentioned yet on any of my posts is to wear something that I am comfortable wearing - from the choice of lipstick down to my most intimate or private apparel. If you are a man reading this post, please be reminded that this is a wholesome post and is not intended to invite or provoke comments that are beyond the wholesome point. :-)

Yes, I do wear lipstick when I go out if only to enhance my plain and simple look and I'm comfortable with paler shades. When it comes to the choice of clothes, "comfort" and "quality" will always be my basis. This goes the same when it comes to my choice of lingerie. I don't know if anyone notices it but if you are wearing quality and comfortable lingerie, it gives you that certain confidence and poise - something that a bad inner or undergarment can't usually provide.

Speaking of lingerie, women now have a lot of choices. In fact, they can choose to wear something that fit their personality in terms of design, color and type of fabric. Or they can choose to try something else for a change. Sometime in my single years, one of my women friends gave me a T-back as a Christmas gift. She recommended that I should at least try something that's far from my personality. You know what? I have tried it but I was never comfortable because it felt like I wasn't wearing any. A big lesson on comfort! :-)


  1. hahaha! that was funny, because i tried it myself. i just wanted to know how it feels and i felt so UNCOMFORTABLE i took it off after 10 minutes..

  2. Hey Sis. Thanks for dropping by at Lainy's Musings and for the belated birthday greetings. Thanks as well for liking the photo with my mother. I am sorry to hear about your Mom. I am sure you have some beautiful memories to reminisce when she was still with you.

    Hmmm, I find lingeries one of the sexiest apparel. There was one point where I used to hoard such items over at eBay but really never got the opportunity to wear all of them, LOL. I just love looking at them ;-)

    May you enjoy the rest of the week!

    All the Best,

  3. Yes, one should wear something comfortable disregarding what others will say. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. I opt for comfort, too! :-)

  5. I prefer to be comfortable than stylish. I will never suffer for fashion's sake.


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