wishing and praying

There are less words to say today ....

"Today, I wished and prayed to God that all my words would bring good tidings. Words that will help build a church and bring up a lowly creature of God so that I can also create good karma for me and for my children and for my children's children." - lifted from my mom's journal

Grateful to mom for all the good examples.  This is my prayer, too - not only because I'm afraid of karma but primarily because I love God and I want to do things that please Him.


  1. This is a beautiful prayer!!!

    God bless all of you!!!

  2. thanks for sharing this prayer sis.

    a lot of people underestimate the power of their words and their thoughts - and how the world works in mysterious ways to give them exactly what they deserve.

  3. @Lon/Gee: thanks.. sometimes we can be too tactless with the use of our words when we know very well that God is not pleased with it.


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