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Do your children sleep with you at night?

Our little toddler does. She is less than two years old. She is too old to be in a crib and so we gave it away so somebody's baby could have better use for it. Actually, we gave it to mother-in-law because she knew who to give it to. The last time we spoke, she told us it's already in good hands.

We believe she is also too young to sleep alone in a separate room yet, so we let her sleep with us. I wonder at what age we are going to let her sleep alone. Frankly, right now, I am not comfortable at the thought yet.

For safety purposes, the three of us sleep on just the mattress part of the bed. Hubby has discarded the bed frame and stands just to prevent our little girl from accidental fall in case we won't notice her rolling over. It's practical that way.

I think it would be great to have rustic bedroom furniture, don't you think so? Oh, I really like it when there's a rustic bedroom nightstand beside our bed. Right now, though, we are still all about safety. Hopefully, when our little girl is already old enough and ready to sleep in a separate bedroom, I look forward to have the bedroom fixed to our liking.

I found the photo below at my sister-in-law's Facebook account. Hmmm, this is what I want our bed and bedroom furniture to look like one day. Wishful thinking! :-)


  1. hi. yes my 2 yo sleeps with us. it was just very recent actually. :) we are opting to get a king size bed if budget permits.

    nice the bed ha! buy na!

  2. hehehe. gave me an idea about sharing in my blog where we sleep - had been sleeping at for months - in the living room. we transferred the top mattress of the bed there because our little baby usually wakes up earlier than us and she already likes to get out of bed while we are fast asleep.

  3. this is something that jeff and i have talked about even if baby is not here yet. culture wise, US and PI are different when it comes to sleeping with their kids. some american couples have their kids sleep with them but wouldn't just admit it to other people because it seemed to be pretty much accepted it that kids should sleep in their own bed. but u know what, it boils down to what really is your preference. i am a filipina and i wouldn't be comfortable leaving a newborn, or an infant or even a 1 or 2 year old toddler alone in his own room. so our arrangement when bb comes out is that...since we have two beds now coz we just bought a new king size bed, we placed our old queen size in the baby's room so i can stay there and sleep with him and that way hubby could try to get some sleep since he has to go to work the next day. but hubby opposed to that, hehe. he doesn't want to leave me sleeping with the baby alone with no help so since he is going to take a month off from work when i give birth, we'd be both sleeping again in our old bed and have our baby sleep on the crib. when he goes back to work, i guess we'll have to think of another set up. but i definitely don't oppose to the idea of having small babies or toddlers sleep with us in our bedroom. eventually, we'll have to make him sleep alone in his own bed though but i don't see it until probably 3 or 4 years from now, hehe.

    sorry about the long reply, hehe. i just find this topic interesting since a lot of people have different views about this just like whether to spank or not to spank the kids but anyway, that's another topic, hehe.

  4. @hahpiness: a king size bed is a great choice. go get it..
    @gee: it must be fun to sleep in the living room. it's funny our kids wake up before we do.
    @jenn: haha, your comments would make for a great new blog post. it's my pleasure that you shared your thoughts with me here at my blog about bed and sleep. i couldn't agree more with what you said. i know you and jeff would be wonderful parents soon. btw, i look forward to your parenting blog soon


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